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Yellow Daylily, Hemerocallis Lilioasphodelus is a Colorful Blooming Perennial 

There are many shades of yellow available and different heights from the hybridization of the original. Some types are only six inches at maturity, while others reach three feet. Mingle yellow daylilies with other colors for a late spring show in your landscape. Most share the exact growing requirements. Of the genus Hemerocallis, yellow daylilies grow from bulbs that multiply from year to year. Each new season brings many more blossoms to your landscape. Don’t be afraid to dig them up in autumn or even spring and replant them into areas that can benefit from the spring and summer beauty of the yellow daylily.

Spring planting may result in fewer blooms that season, so try to move them early in autumn, allowing time to establish a root system before winter freezes set in. Trim the foliage and replant the bulbs a couple of inches apart. They’ll fill in during the coming years. Plant them in full sunlight for the best performance. The soil need not be fertile, but amend the area with compost before planting. Don’t be heavy-handed with fertilizer; a little goes a long way with the yellow daylily. Slightly acidic and moist soil is preferable for this specimen. Water newly planted daylilies regularly until a sound root system develops.


Yellow Daylily, Hemerocallis Lilioasphodelus is Great for Cutting Gardens and included in Indoor Arrangements

Add them to the cutting garden and include them in indoor arrangements. Bring flowering plants inside for the most extended show, as each daylily only blooms for one day. Some newly developed varieties bloom at night, with a 24-hour blossom. And they’re fragrant, a must-have in the garden. Include some of these in a sunny flowerbed near your outdoor seating area.


Yellow Daylily, Hemerocallis Lilioasphodelus is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

Yellow Daylily is one of the variants of daylily family plants. It is an ever-radiant, medium-sized, and bright yellow-colored, seed-bearing flower.

Yellow Daylily belongs to the genus Hemerocallis and the species of lilioasphodelus. The flowers are parted, approximately 3 to 4 inches wide, with combined petals and sepals having smooth edges which unite and spread outward to form a trumpet-shaped structure. The plant is commonly found in China, Italy, Slovenia, North America, eastern Asia, and Europe, cultivated chiefly for its food and medicinal properties. 

Yellow Daylily is one of the pioneer daylilies plants to breed new Daylily species. Yellow Daylily is an erect perennial plant that grows up to an average height of 2-4 feet, with narrow leaves and a beautiful fragrance and scent; a reason why it is primarily planted in gardens. Yellow Daylily grows very well in moist and fertile soil, which must be well-drained, preferably by the sun. It is advised to plant it in an open space.

Yellow Daylily requires constant and frequent watering to avoid drying off when planted in clay and poor soils. It takes two weeks for the first shoots to appear and reach their peak flowering after 13-16 weeks. After attaining its peak flowering, it also propagates itself by division via its seed. Yellow Lily plant leaves are strap-like, long, straight with a pointed, basal tip, and sheathed base. The scape has tiny leafy bracts.

Yellow Lily Plants thrive well when planted during or early spring; to enable them to have strong roots before the ground freezes in fall. It can be planted in various soil, which must be moist, found in open space (free from shade). Its growth is dependent on exposure of the soil surface to the sun. It also thrives well in clay and non-fertile soil when watered regularly and well exposed.

You can also plant it amidst shorter flowers to provide ample support, reduce struggle, and fight for sunlight and nutrients. Ensure to loosen the soil with water, dig a hole of approximately 6 to 12 inches, plant in the Yellow lily bulbs and make sure it's standing upright. You can water the plant for the first few days to keep it moist before it starts to adapt to its new habitat and aid proper growth.

Water: moist or swampy soil.

Zone: 2-9

Height: 2 - 4 Feet tall 

Sun exposure: heavy exposure of the soil surface to the sun

The plant has a bright yellow color with a lovely scent, making it an ideal option for any garden. It does not require much time and maintenance. It is a reliable plant to give your garden the desired look without stress.

The plant is edible and has so many medicinal purposes;

• Used as an antidote to cure arsenic poisoning. 

• Extracts from its root can be used to treat cancer due to the presence of antitumor activity. 

• Its roots also act as diuretics when boiled.

Our Yellow Daylily plants for Sale are among the top-rated choices for use as filler plants because of their size. Buy today and decorate your garden with this easy-maintenance plant.


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