Top Flowering Bushes To Use For Instant Curb Appeal

Top Flowering Bushes To Use For Instant Curb Appeal

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets and containers are perfect if you need to enhance curb appeal within days or even hours

 Fill them with colorful flowers appropriate for the season and place them around your porch or other areas suitable for landscaping.

When you have more time, flowering bushes are a more permanent option. The best bushes won’t take long to grow and flower, so you don’t have to wait long for the curbside show. The following list will introduce you to some of the best flowering bushes for instant curb appeal.

Forsythia Bushes

In early spring, the forsythia bush dresses in beautiful yellow blooms covering bare branches. The leaves will appear later, but the show starts with an abundance of dainty flowers that give the bush a light, airy appearance.

What you need to know about the forsythia bush:

Grows well in zones 5-8
Requires full or partial sun
Growing habits vary by variety
Some stay under three feet, while others may grow up to 10 feet tall
Width may spread up to 12 feet for some varieties
Needs well-drained but moist soil
Burning Bushes

When you see these bushes covered in flame-red leaves in autumn, you’ll know where they get their name. They grow fast and can provide a brilliant color when other bushes and flowers lose their showstopping appeal.

What you need to know about burning bushes:

Grows best in zones 4-8
Small flowers appear in spring and then turn into dangling clusters of berries
Berries often produce new plants and attract birds
Easy to grow, even for the novice gardener
Dwarf plants are available for miniature landscapes
Can grow up to 15 feet tall
Some are considered invasive in warm climates
Requires light, moist soil
Viburnum Bushes

Viburnum bushes have pink to white blooms in the spring and are among the fastest-growing flowering bushes. Some increase while others are more moderate, so check the variety before buying. One fast-growing variety is the macrocephalum, also known as the Chinese Snowball.

In addition to the flowers, many viburnum bushes offer attractive winter colors and grow small berries for visual interest. Charles Lamont and Dawn plants have scented flowers and winter interests, so make sure to place them close to doorways, windows, or outdoor living areas for full enjoyment.

What you need to know about viburnum bushes:

Grows best in zones 2-9
Requires full or partial sun
Growing habit varies by variety
Some stay below 10 feet, while others may grow up to 20 feet tall
Width may go up to 12 feet
Well-drained yet moist soil is required
Know Your Bushes

The secret to beautiful landscaping is research

You want to understand the bushes and flowers you put in the ground, ensuring they’re set up for healthy growth over time. Answer the following questions about the bushes you want to plant to make sure they’re suitable for your property:

What zone does the bush grow best in

How big (in height and width) does the bush usually get?
How drought resistant is the bush when newly planted and once established?
Does the bush prefer full or partial shade or sun?
What pests commonly attack the bush, and how can you avoid an infestation?
When does the bush flower, if at all?
How long do the flowers typically last, and what may the bush look like the rest of the year?
Answering these questions will ensure you select the perfect flowering bush for your home. It’s time to dig in the dirt and set up that instant curb appeal!

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