This is a wholesale grower website for B2B nurseries, resellers and companies.

We do not offer any grow warranty on our plants we sell wholesale from this site:

If you have just received an order and it's been within 24 hour after delivery and there is a problem, we require email us at customerservice@tennesseewholesalenursery.com, which is better than calling because we can research your order and get back to you with a quicker response.

We offer no warranties of any type since we are wholesale but if we've made a mistake we must be notified within 24 hours.

We ship dormant, bare root plants. They do not have foliage or greenery when received due to them ebing dormant. In spring they will green out like the rest of your plants and be beautiful so we do ask for you to wait until after May 15th if you purchased retail to notify us about warranty issues.

We sell dormant bare root plants only

 If you refuse the delivery of your order, there is no warranty or reduns policy. We ship bareroot plants and by the time we receive them back, they are dead.

Shipping Estimates at checkout is a quote only

When you place an order, we estimate the shipping. But as you realize, the weight of plants fluctuates when we have rainfall, or some plants weigh more than others, and it's tough to determine a balanced weight until the plants are dug and packaged. You may see an extra charge when your order is shipped, which is the "at cost" shipping rate the carrier charges us; we will bill the additional shipping when your order ships out.