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Perennials Provide Environmental Benefits

Including reduced soil and water erosion, reduced soil nitrate leaching, and increased carbon sequestration

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Native Ferns Remove Toxins & Containments From The Soil

They are also bug and pest free native plants without the need for fertilizers and high maintenance care

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Moss Is a Bio-Indicator For The Environment

Used To Conserve Water, Control Erosion, Filter Rainwater, Clean Up Hazardous Chemicals, and Sequester Carbon.

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Trees For Sale Online: 3rd generation plant nursery

Trees For Sale Online is owned by Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, LLC. and is an online tree and plant nursery which offers quality trees delivered to your home, office or business. We ship to all states except New York.

Our products include trees, woody perennials, native ferns, live mosses, and native plants.

Trees For Sale Online - Quality Bare Root Plants.

All our plants are sold bare root and all are dug and immediately brought to shipping warehouses and are shipped immediately. Our nurseries strive to protect all plant roots by application of tera-sorb, and surround all roots with a moisture-enhancing plastic then put in burlap or boxes to ship. Plants are guaranteed to arrive in very moist, excellent condition.

For the best prices of any online nursery, shop Trees For Sale Online

For our wholesale partners, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery offers more availability in large quantities than any nursery. We offer low grower wholesale prices on large volume wholesale orders. We can supply thousands of each species sold.

Customers can fax their requests for bids to 931-692-9246 and we will beat any other nursery bid by 10%, guaranteed for any lower price match.

Our clientele is includes the Washington Monument, Trump Towers, The Arlington National Cemetery and many more prestigious clients.

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