American Life Expectancy

American Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is an uncomfortable subject and one that America needs to talk about. As it stands, the United States ranks below most developed countries when it comes to life expectancy. The problem gets grungier when one compares certain areas of the United States to third-world countries. For example, certain regions in America have a slightly lower life expectancy than Guatemala.

Why the Life Expectancy in America is Low

There are several things one could point to explain why the life expectancy in the United States is low. The following are just a few issues that could be linked to this issue:

  • The United States’ population is mainly uninsured, whereas other countries have universal healthcare.
  • Violence in the United States is relatively high.
  • Income inequality drastically affects life expectancy.

Still, these are just a few issues that could be linked to the problem. There is not much that you could do about most of these issues unless the people of the United States take notes from other countries to see what might benefit this country.

Restriction on weapons and universal healthcare for all citizens are just a few things that some third-world countries and developed countries offer their people. Still, there is one particular problem that might be salvageable.

Lifestyle and Nutrition Might Play a Role

The following are a few things that third world countries are doing that might help Americans increase their life expectancy:

1. Healthy Eating is the Way to go

The lives of people in third-world countries may not be as glamorous as people in places like the United States, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. One reason that might explain why some third-world countries rival a few regions in the United States is that some third-world populations have healthier eating habits.

You might think this is done willingly, but the vegetarian or vegan diets that many people in third-world countries enjoy are primarily out of necessity. There is a significant lack of meat in poor households because they cannot afford it. That means that people in third-world countries are eating lower cholesterol foods by accident via gardening.

Americans, no matter how poor, usually have access to meat and other high cholesterol foods. The following are a few problems associated with overeating meat and a high cholesterol diet:

Americans Face Unhealthy Diets

  • The body could develop plaque in the blood system, leading to circulatory issues and heart problems.
  • Too much cholesterol could lead to bile imbalance, which usually means gallstones.
  • The body may have a hard time providing nutrients throughout the body. That could lead to weakness and immune deficiencies.

Keep in mind that some American diets, in addition to high cholesterol content, rely on foods that have been heavily processed. It is not uncommon to find ingredients like high fructose corn syrup linked to heart failure. Most poor people in developed countries usually rely on food to grow rather than buy food at the store.

2. Living an Active Lifestyle

There is no denying that living in a developed nation means commodities. It is not abnormal for people of all ages and social, economic statuses to enjoy some of the following luxuries:

  • Owning a vehicle or renting one
  • Public transportation like buses or trains
  • Trips using taxis or a car-sharing service

People in some regions of the world do not have money for or access to transportation, which usually means walking is the only option available. In other words, people in third-world countries are a little more active.

You should note that most people who live in third-world countries usually depend on jobs that demand physical exertion. The United States is filled with sedentary jobs, which allows for issues like obesity and other similar problems.

The lifestyle of a person living in a third-world country might include farming for food. That is sometimes in addition to a regular job. There is no shortage of physical labor in many countries not as developed as the United States.

The idea that many undeveloped countries lead a healthier lifestyle because they may not have access to first-world commodities might not make sense. It is hard to imagine that first-world commodities could lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

The sad truth is that some commodities like processed foods were created by companies attempting to take shortcuts to profit from what was being sold. Hopefully, the United States changes the direction of its society to a healthier nation and one worthy of being considered a developed country.

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