Best Plants to Attract Wildlife

Best Plants to Attract Wildlife

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1. Black eyed susans

2. Anemone

3. Blue cohosh

4. Blue lobelia

5. Mayapple

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Best Garden Plants to Attract Wildlife

Gardens are therapeutic for many reasons, such as an enjoyable hobby or a beautiful landscape. They can also offer you a glimpse into nature. By carefully planning which plants to add to your backyard, you can attract many various species. Wildlife can help you maintain a healthy, balanced garden filled with learning opportunities and natural beauty for your family. Below are the best plants to help you attract wildlife in your garden. Image result for plants that attract wildlife

Why Cattails?

If you have an aquatic aspect of your garden, then cattails would attract a great variety of animals. These plants are known to provide shelter for animals to seek refuge from predators. They also are a great source of food for foraging species. Native grasses are excellent for small animals also. It provides refuge for small animals.

Which Wildlife Will it Attract?

  • Deer
  • Squirrels
  • Lizards
  • Frogs
  • Migratory birds
  • Duck Potato (Saggitaria lancifolia)

Why Duck Potato?

As the name suggests, this plant is well-loved by species of ducks that like to feed off of it. In addition to providing wildlife with a natural food source, many other animals use it as cover from natural predators and elements.

Which Wildlife Will it Attract?

  • Waterfowl
  • Frogs
  • Turtles

Why Riverbank Wild Rye (Elymus riparius)?

Easily grown in moist soils and shade, this grass is an excellent addition for anyone hoping to attract wildlife to their garden. The large seeds that are produced make for an attractive food source.

Which Wildlife Will it Attract?

  • Ducks
  • Bees
  • Butterfly

Why Duckweed (genus Lemna)?

Duckweed is a tremendous aquatic freshwater plant to add to any garden. Not only can it be used as a great organic compost for your garden and flower beds, but it attracts wildlife by providing rich nutrients.

Which Wildlife Will it Attract?

  • Waterfowl
  • Frogs
  • Pond snails
  • Beavers
  • Fish

Attracting wildlife to your garden can be beneficial for many reasons. It can provide you with an aesthetic glimpse into nature where your family can learn about life. Wildlife in and around your garden can also provide you with a sense of purpose, creating an environmentally friendly space. By adding any of these plants, you will provide food and shelter for the animals of your choosing.

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