Drought Tolerant Plants

Drought Tolerant Plants

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This year, you can make sure that your plants will stand up to any dry spell by selecting suitable varieties when planning your summer garden. Here is a list of some favorite drought-tolerant summer plants.


Russian Sage

This beautiful grass-like plant features silvery foliage and lush purple flowers. The plant gives off a lovely fragrance, and it’s a perennial so that it will bloom year after year. Deer, rabbits, and other pests tend to avoid this plant, too, so you won’t have to worry about it being eaten away.



Named for their bright yellow blooms and Yellow Coneflower , these beautiful perennial flowers bloom and continue until early fall. Don’t be fooled by the delicate look of these tiny flowers; they can take the worst of summer droughts like a champ. These grow to be around six inches tall and look great in flower beds or around trees.

Purple Coneflower

The Purple Coneflower is an excellent choice for several reasons. Besides being able to withstand drought conditions, these beautiful purplish mauve flowers last for days after they’ve been cut, so you can display them in your home to brighten up the interior. Purple coneflowers also attract lots of butterflies so that you can add a little extra beauty to your garden.


Amsonia is a plant that produces beautiful tiny flowers in brilliant hues of blue. In the fall, the foliage of this perennial turns into a bright gold so that it will add to the festive look of your autumn landscape. This plant can grow to be up to two feet tall and looks great around borders.

Blanket Flowers

In addition to being drought tolerant, blanket flowers are straightforward to grow for those of us who don’t have a green thumb. They can also produce in even less than ideal soil, so those with sandy or rocky soil can decorate their landscaping with the beautiful yellows, reds, and blues of blanket flowers that will bloom all summer long.

Moss Rose

This easy-to-maintain annual will add little bursts of vibrant color to any flower bed and grow best when they’re planted in hot, sunny areas where other flowers may wither away. If anything, these little darlings seem to thrive in warm conditions, making them excellent options for areas prone to drought.