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Blueberry Bush produces berries for up to 20 years if grown correctly.

Blueberry Bush

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There are three types of blueberry bushes— highbush, lowbush, and hybrid half-high. Most landscapers and gardeners prefer the highbush as it tends to be the hardest and fastest growing type of blueberry bush. The scarlet leaves and white flowers that bloom on each blueberry bush in the spring also make beautiful additions to any landscape. However, the new blueberry bush is a relatively new invention, thanks to science. Before the 1900s, these delicious bushes only grew in wild areas of Southeast North America. Now they can be produced in flowerbeds, garden boxes, or even planters in Zone 3 to Zone 7. This is mainly due to their pest and disease resistance and ease of growth after maturity. They thrive in acidic soil with a pH between 4 and 5. Since blueberry bushes are a shallow-rooted plant, they require well-draining soil as well. Keep these out of flood zones and areas with heavy rain to achieve maximum fruiting harvest.

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To accomplish this, it is vital to prune away the blossoms for the first two years so that the plant does not create fruit. This is so the plant can grow without investing energy into producing subpar fruits prematurely. After this period, pruning is only required to increase fruiting growth for the next season. These beautiful bushes also attract birds, squirrels, and other wildlife to the area. Cover with drape netting to prevent loss of harvest, while still enjoying the new garden visitors. To harvest more and more significant berries over a more extended period, plant more than one variety of blueberry bush since they are partially self-fertilizers. While these plants are considered relatively hardy, they are at risk of freezing. Cover Blueberry Bush during winter to prevent loss of crops.

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