Brown Eyed Susan

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    Posted by Britney Lewis on Jul 13, 2018

    The plant looks beyond perfect. It arrived on time, and was beyond more than I expected

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Brown Eyed Susan, Rudbeckia Triloba is a Favorite Native Wildflower loved by Generations 

The Rudbeckia hirta, also known as the Brown Eyed Susan, is 12 to 39 inches in height and 12 to 18 inches in width. The flowers don't appear on this plant until late summer and early fall. The flowers are usually yellow but have been seen in red, brown, and orange. They love the sun to part sun to grow. The zones that it does well in are 3 to 11. The Brown Eyed Susan does well in average soil, but it does need to ensure that it can hold in moisture well for them to grow to its most entire height. These beautiful flowers are in the wild or planted in one's flower bed. They look great with other plants such as shrubs, annuals, or perennials. The Brown Eyed Susan is a favorite native wildflower loved by generations. Cousins of the ubiquitous but more petite Black-Eyed Susan, these short-lived perennials dot landscapes all over America.

Appreciated by gardeners and cut-flower lovers for their versatility, Brown Eyed Susan's produces green foliage with multiple ones to two-inch flowers for nearly the entire stretch of summer. Stems grow to an average height of two to three feet, and the plant will spread a generous eighteen inches, resulting in a thick, bushy appearance. Flowers feature an array of golden yellow petals surrounding a dense brown cone with a soft purple hue. Hardy from zones three to ten, the Brown Eyed Susan can take almost anything Mother Nature can dish out. It thrives in both full sun and light shade. Average, well-drained soil with moderate moisture is preferable for optimal growth, but the Brown Eyed Susan readily tolerates hot, dry conditions once established. Landscapers count on these low-maintenance flowers to naturalize large open areas and bring a bit of country charm to city landscapes.


Brown Eyed Susan, Rudbeckia Triloba is Short-Lived Perennials that are Low Maintenance ways to Naturalize Large Open Areas


Cutting flowers when they are spent will encourage new blooms while preventing undesired spreading. While Brown-Eyed Susans provide a vibrant floral show outdoors, their long-lasting, scent-free blooms make them an ideal cut flower, especially for those sensitive to odors. Their vibrant golden color can stand alone in a tall vase or blend well with other shades. Plant them informal gardens to provide needed height and a ready supply of seasonal color to bring indoors, or place them by outbuildings and fences to help them blend into the landscape.


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