Carolina Allspice Shrub

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The Carolina Allspice, Calycanthus Floridus is Low-maintenance and Provides Great Landscape


The Carolina allspice, formally known as the Calycanthus floridus or nicknamed the eastern sweetshrub and spicebush, is a flowering shrub from the family Calycanthaceae is identifiable by its deep red flowers and sweet fragrance. Non-invasive and found in the Southeastern United States region. With its fabulous scent likened to a dessert and its striking blooms, the Carolina allspice is surprisingly low-maintenance for such a stylish shrub. It provides three seasons of landscape interest, blooming in the spring to the summer and fashioning itself in brilliant golden autumn foliage. Some other nicknames—which, more often than not, allude to its delicately desserty scent—include the bubby bush, hairy allspice, or strawberry bush.


Carolina Allspice, Calycanthus Floridus Is a Flowering Shrub With Sweet Fragrance


Reminiscent of magnolia flowers, the Carolina allspice shrub is deciduous, with elliptical dark green leaves and rusty brown to maroon blooms, not counting the pale yellow 'Athens' variety. Their distinct fragrance differs for each type. Some are spicy as cinnamon, some as chocolatey, and some with a fruity, strawberry-like smell; it is considered odorless or off-scented for the occasional rogue plant. The foliage is notably fragrant when crushed or bruised, and people utilize both flowers and leaves in making potpourri; in the past, people stored them in dresser drawers and boudoirs to keep clothes and linen fresh-smelling. Its flowers are solitary, with a hypanthium more than two centimeters long, and these flowers are cylindrical, ellipsoid, globose, or pyriform. The flowers are perfect with numerous oblong-elliptic or obovate-lanceolate tepals, with numerous stamens and carpels for each bloom. The fruits are indehiscent pseudocarps eight centimeters long and five centimeters in diameter, formed within the receptacle. The seedpods are perhaps the root of the earthy fragrance, and it would be best to leave them where they are as they will endure into the winter months, lending interest to the barren landscape.


Ideally planted in the spring or fall, the Carolina allspice prefers to thrive in well-drained soil and full to partial sunny conditions. If you are more on the tall side, giving the allspice shade will result in taller specimens as they stretch toward the light. While it is tolerant of clay soils, you must provide the shrub with an inch of water per week until it establishes itself. And while its natural growth habit causes its pleasing, rounded shape, pruning after flowering, preferably in the late winter, can keep it tidier and provide an opportunity for fresh flowering at the tips.


Carolina Allspice, Calycanthus Floridus Plant is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping