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CUSHION MOSS, Leucobryum Glaucumis a Large Clumping Moss


Cushion moss plants are low-growing plants. However, this plant's light green color and mat-like spreading nature make it an ideal option for any garden. For someone with little or no time to maintain their garden, the cushion moss is a reliable option to give your garden the desired look and evergreen look due to its ability to sustain dry areas.

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Cushion Moss, Leucobryum Glaucumlooks Great around Rock Gardens or Water Features

They grow best in hardy planting zones 3-11. The growth rate is considered medium. Cushion moss can grow in a large clump that looks similar to a cushion. The clump's size ranges anywhere from just a few centimeters to a meter in length and only about one to four inches high. Some say this moss looks like an oversized pincushion or a plush, fuzzy chair cushion. It can grow in shady areas and can tolerate some sun but not full sunlight. The roots of this moss prefer moist, wet, and well-drained soil to grow at its best but can become easily adaptable. It also prefers to be on the sandy ground. This moss can be grown in natural areas, around rock gardens, or water features to liven it up. This moss can grow anywhere. The moss can have its growth stunted by grass clippings or if weeds interfere with it. If too many grass clippings or weeds get entangled with this moss, it can smother the moss and stunt its growth. The color of the moss is dark green but can have a silvery-white hue to it. The moss can grow in large clusters and look similar to a bush with its lush green foliage. They are excellent at absorbing and retaining water. The clumps can also detach themselves and may be found lying on the soil surface. This moss would make a great addition to any shade garden, rock garden or used as an alternative to a grass lawn. Cushion moss has a cushion-like appearance that comes from growing thick and rounded, but the term "cushion" actually refers to woody plants that are low growing, spreading like mats and putting down deep taproots. The color of these plants is a light green that has a silvery-white overlay to it.

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The cushion moss, also known as the white moss tree, is among the favorite plant species in many gardens.

The cushion moss plant belongs to the genus Leucobryum glaucum and forms tufts. You may find it commonly in moist woods or swampy areas in North America. The cushion moss is native to North American, and it is renowned for its great size, making the plant look like a cushion. 

Cushion moss has a remarkable ability to absorb and retain water, making it require less care except for occasional watering and treatments. Under perfect conditions, the cushion moss takes about 3 to 6 months to attain its peak growth. As a result, these notable species have seldom seen any reddish-brown spore cases.  

The cushion moss is characterized by a low dome shape once fully grown. Cushion moss grows 12mm to 12.5 cm tall on average. However, the cushion leavers become wider at one-third the length. Hence, their leaves tend to be wider at the bottom.

Cushion moss is best grown under a moderate or heavy shade. The most exciting attribute of cushion moss is its independence from ground nutrients. All the plant needs are a stable base, and it will sprawl out conveniently. Due to its easy breeding nature, cushion moss requires adequate care and can spice up any garden under suitable conditions. 

You can grow moss in a compacted space. In addition, you must remove air pockets by smoothing the breeding ground. Also, you should ensure that you remove weeds from their breeding space as these weeds could infect or harm their growth.  

You can flavor your garden by decorating its soil surface with paving stones or fine rocks. The decoration can also help keep away leaf litter. 

The fall and spring season is ideal for planting moss. Moss thrives in moist or damp regions and tolerates a drier climate. However, you can keep this plant indoors. If you need an indoor cushion moss, all you need is to get yourself a clear glass container, e.g., a terrarium. Then, plant the cushion moss and decorate the container if you choose to, with granulated charcoal. 

You should ensure that the plant is firmly stuck to the soil in the container when planting. Make necessary adjustments if the soil is fluffy, then sprinkle some water on the plant to help provide sufficient moisture for the soil in the container.

Best Time to Harvest: Late March to Mid-June

Soil: Loamy soil

Water: moist or swampy soil.

Zone: 4-10

Height: 12-12.5mm

Sun exposure: Moderate to heavy shade

Ship As: Dormant 2-3' bareroot


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Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade ??Partial Sun to Full Shade Mature Height - 2-28" Mature Width- 1-27" Bloom Season ??n/a Gardener Status- Beginner
Planting Zones 4-10
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    So soft to walk on. I have this in my flower garden. It goes with it so well.

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