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Daffodils, Narcissus are a Flowering Perennial that adds beauty to any garden

Daffodil is a great flower to add to gardens and natural areas. It will multiply and come back fuller each year. This plant will add a bright and brilliant color when in bloom. Daffodils are also known as Narcissus. They will thrive best in hardy planting zones 4-8. Typically they can be seen growing in meadows and woods in Europe and North Africa. This perennial will grow to be up to 1 foot tall when fully grown. It will grow best in areas that have partial and complete sunlight. The best soil would be loamy soil that is either neutral or slightly acidic.

Daffodil is a great flower to add to gardens and let a gardener know when spring has arrived. These flowers will burst in color at the beginning of spring. It will have a bright yellow or white bloom and will look great in gardens and placed in a vase to bring color inside. The flowers will have six petals and are trumpet-shaped around a central corona. One stem can produce anywhere from one to twenty flowers. These flowers are great to use to line sidewalks and driveways. They would also look great cut and in a flower arrangement.

Daffodils, Narcissus is a Great Addition to Gardens and Natural Areas and Line Sidewalks and Driveways

Daffodils need a cold period and can, therefore, be a challenge to grow in deeper south areas; They should plant in the colder weather of Fall in a sunny, well-drained area in the slightly acidic soil. For a fuller effect, plant in clusters of 12 or more. Flowers will grow to face the sun, so choose a location keeping this in mind. Avoid fertilizers containing a high amount of Nitrogen. Instead, a different bulb fertilizer applied after blooming is the right choice. Daffodils make lovely cut flowers and grow in pots. Water newly planted bulbs thoroughly. After bloom, remove spent flowers and allow leaves to die back naturally for at least six weeks. When leaves begin to turn yellow, the bulbs may be dug, washed with water, and air dry for a week. Store them in pantyhose or another type of bag that allows good airflow. Hang in an excellent area to avoid storage rot.

Daffodils, Narcissus are For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

Perennial plants come in many varieties and species, so "daffodils" can refer to more than one tree.

Daffodils are members of the amaryllis family, but they are usually called "daffodils" because they are grouped in flower arrangements. Daffodils are available in various colors, including white, yellow, orange, and red. There are even some varieties that produce an early summer show as well.  The flowers themselves range in size from two to seven inches across and will depend on the variety you choose. They also come in different shades of all colors. Some people even grow a mix of daffodils in their gardens.

Daffodils are annuals that can grow up to three feet tall, although most garden varieties reach about 20 inches tall. They have trumpet-shaped flowers that dangle from the center of each bloom. The name "narcissus" comes from; the flower was named after the Greek mythological character Narcissus who fell in love with his reflection.

Although daffodils make most people think of spring, they are grown and sold year-round. If you live in a cooler climate, you can purchase these bulbs in the fall and plant them for blooms next summer. Daffodils are heralds of spring and have been in folklore and legend worldwide for thousands of years. The ancients believed they warded evil spirits, cured headaches, promoted sleep, and protected against witchcraft.

It has yellow flowers with six petals, each black spot on the base. It has a trumpet-shaped center with six long, narrow green sepals. It grows from a bulb that forms its root. Its leaves are grass-like and green, and it is a perennial flowering plant that blooms in the spring.These are one of the most popular spring flowers among gardeners. That is because they're easy to grow and produce spectacular results. Many daffodils work well in tubs, window boxes, or rock gardens without special preparation.

These are some of the first flowers of spring, appearing when there is still snow on the ground. They herald the arrival of warmer weather, which makes them a popular choice for many gardeners. In addition, because they produce such beautiful flowers, many people grow daffodils as cut flowers indoors to enjoy them all year long instead of waiting for spring to come around again.

Bright yellow, white, or orange daffodil blooms brighten up an otherwise drab winter landscape. It is easy to find the color you want to match the rest of your flowers. For those looking to bloom their garden in winter with colorful and naturally fresh flowers, purchase Daffodils because it's one of the best choices to bloom your garden. Many nurseries carry these bulbs, and they are usually reasonably priced. 

Soil pH: neutral to slightly acidic of around 6.0

Light: Sun or Shade full sun or partial shade.

Hardiness Zone: 3-8 zones

Soil Conditions: all kinds of soils

Ship as: Bareroot

Height at maturity: about 5cm up to 45cm

Daffodils grow best in well-drained soil with lots of room for growth

The more space around the bulb, the more likely it will grow into a vigorous plant that will produce plenty of blooms each spring. Moreover, Daffodils provide a lot of bang for your buck! While they look beautiful planted singly or in small groups, they also make great filler flowers between larger blooms like tulips or roses. Daffodils smell sweet, like honey and vanilla candy mixed, which can make them an excellent addition to your yard even if you aren't a fan of their appearance—or if you're planning on giving them as gifts. 

To ensure that you get the freshest, healthiest Daffodils for sale, don't forget to buy them before other customers get to them.

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Daffodil Plant Name- Botanical Name - Daffodil - Narcissus Hardy Planting Zones- 4-8 Sun or Shade ??Sun and Part Shade Mature Height - 6-30" Mature Width- 6-12" Bloom Season ??Spring (March to April) Gardener Status- Beginner
Planting Zones 3-8
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    This makes your garden amazingly beautiful. The yellow flowers will always makes your space a highlight and incomparable.

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    The colors and size of these plants are more than perfect.

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