Orange Daylily are beautiful and easy to care for making them a favorite for gardeners

Orange Daylily

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Orange Daylily - Hemerocallis fulva Hardy Planting Zones- 2-9 Sun or Shade – Full Sun Mature Height - 48" Mature Width- 20-24" Bloom Season – Early to Mid Summer (May to July) Gardener Status- Beginner

Orange Daylily is a Beautiful Fast Growing Perennial

Orange Daylily is also known as Hemerocallis Fulva. It is native to China, Asia, and Japan. However, it has become a typical garden plant all over the world. These should not be confused with the Tiger Lily, which it is often mistaken for due to the vibrant orange color in both plants. They will thrive best in hardy planting zones 3-10. The Orange Daylily is a fast-growing perennial and will succeed in moist soil types. This lily will look lovely when in bloom; It will give a burst of color.; It will be easy to care for. The flowers on this plant will only last for a day but will repeat bloom throughout the summer months.

 Orange Daylily is an Easy to Care for Burst of Color to add to your Gardens

This lily will grow to be 10 to 18 inches tall when fully grown. It will grow best in areas that have full sunlight. This plant will look amazing when in bloom. It will have gorgeous orange blossoms that can light up a garden. It will also have beautiful emerald green leaves when grown. The foliage of this plant is long and broad. They will be sure to make the orange flower pop even more. It can also spread to be around 3 ½ inches across. It will reach full height in the second or third year after being planted. These would look great planted in any garden and will be sure not to disappoint. The buds and flowers are also edible. They tend to have a sweet and spicy or peppery flavor to them. This hardy, herbaceous perennial has many green, waxy-coated, linear leaves with parallel veins. The leaves are from one to three feet long, tapering to a point. From the midst of the leaves, tall, stout stems grow from 16 to 59 inches tall with spikes of 10 to 20 buds. Buds are pale green to green-orange. They open one at a time, successively, from the bottom of the spike or scape. So while named “Beauty for a Day,” because each flower lasts about 24 hours, the plant itself flowers over weeks.

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