File A Claim

Please send us images of your dead trees or shrubs with a scratch test, order # and an image must be attached to your email to support the claim of the scratch test to

We are not accepting claims for ferns, vines or perennials because they will not come up until next spring. We offer a 1 year warranty to prove they are alive.

How to preform a scratch test to determine if your trees or shrubs are dead

A scratch test is a simple way to determine if a dormant plant is still alive. It involves lightly scratching the bark of the plant and looking for wet tissue or the cambium layer beneath the bark:
  1. Use a knife, pruners, or your fingernail halfway up the trunk of a tree to slide along the bark and peel off a thin layer of the surface wood
  2. Look for wet, moist tissue that's white or almost green around the edges, this means the tree is alive
  3. Check if the cambium layer is dry, brittle, and brown, or if it looks like pencil shavings it is most certianly dead.