How We Package Plants


How do we package bare root plants for ample moisture during shipping? 

First, Plants are fresh dug to order from our fields.

Next, the roots are soaked overnight in tera-sorb mixture in our custom cattle feeders.



After being thoroughly soaked overnight, the roots are then dipped in the thicker Tera Sorb Gel. Terra-Sorb is a co-polymer gel with a great water holding capacity of the soil.

This exceptionally absorbent potassium-based gel can absorb up to 200 times its weight in water while also releasing slowly to any surrounding plants. By slowly watering the roots, Terra-Sorb helps your plants arrive healthy and happy.


The Terra-Sorb Gel will encase the roots.  


Putting bag

Then, we surround roots with peat moss, and place in plastic plant bags to retain moisture.


We secure all the elements, and then items are ready to be packed into a box to ship to you.