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Tennessee Wholesale Nursery LLC

We are a leading supplier of live stakes, fascines, native wetland plants, seedlings, and brush layers. For 62 years, we have shipped millions of plants and stakes to over 240 restoration, environmental, reforestation and mitigation companies all over the United States.
We have a large availability due to us forming robust and ethical business relationships with other nurseries, growers, diggers, and wild harvesters within a 400-mile radius with thousands of acres utilizing to harvest from makes us an industry leader in the wholesale grower field.
Our availability alone of over 4200 acres combined with our partner's totaling over 25,000 acres allows us to fill significant quantity demands. If a specific mitigation job requires 150,000 black willow live stakes, we can supply these large quantities with no problem.


Most companies have limited availabilities, but at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, we understand the need for mass quantities on items. Such as; bare-root seedlings, live stakes, fascines, brush layers, wetland plants, Carex species, and other type natives, we strive to make sure we can handle all large quantity orders.
We would be honored to quote your next project. Our shipping rates are super low, with discounts ranging from 45-70% for freight across the United States. Because we are a more massive shipper, we pass the savings right down to our customers. We handle all shipping from tractor-trailer loads, reefers, or just motor freight in general or USPS shipments. Also, our prices are real wholesale, not sub-retail for mitigation, restoration, and other services. We offer a retail and wholesale outlet for shopping on our websites for the general public and minor purchases of 100-1000. Still, please understand all bids will be at the lowest wholesale prices available on volume requests.
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Please send us your bid requests to (fax) 931-692-9246 or drop tammysons7@gmail.com an email with an attachment of your project, and Tammy will sit down with our team, figure out the best possible price with freight to your destination area and send you back a quote same day.