Black Walnut Tree


Black Walnut Tree

This tree is a deciduous hardwood tree that achieves an average mature height of around 100 feet, although the largest on record was 150 feet. It also grows a broad, dense, pleasantly rounded crown that creates a reprieve of cool shade. It will thrive in the full sunshine in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 9.

The trunk often appears taller than it is because the branches generally emerge about halfway up this tree. The bark is dark gray and has diamond-shaped scales. The jade green leaves appear as an elongated oval, up to a foot in length.

Black Walnut Tree Planting Benefits

Why would you desire this tree for your yard? Here are five good reasons why Wholesale Nursery may suggest this tree to our customers:

  • Black Walnut tree provides a significant source of shade: This tree creates a large, dense canopy. The shade provides a welcome spot to sit and enjoy a summer afternoon. Some people in warmer zones plant this near their homes to help keep the house cooler in the summer.
  • The black walnut tree fixes soil compaction: This species has a long taproot and roots that grow outward in every direction. They will break up the soil as they develop and help release compacted soil naturally.
  • Prevent soil erosion: The root growth habit that de-compacts the soil will minimize soil erosion. Loosened soil will accept water runoff. As a result, water will drain instead of causing an erosive torrent. The moistened soil also better resists wind--another primary cause of erosion.
  • Fight pollution: Black walnut Trees fight pollution during photosynthesis. During that process, they soak in carbon dioxide and release purified air. As a result, they contribute to a pollution-free ecosystem.
  • Harvest the nuts: Black walnuts are edible, with a distinctive nutty taste. Let them drop for your wildlife friends if you don't care for nuts.

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