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Coral Red Dogwood

Coral Red Dogwood

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Coral Red Dogwood


Coral Red Dogwood, scientifically known as Cornus sericea 'Coral Red,' is a captivating deciduous shrub renowned for its vibrant red stems and ornamental value. This plant is a cultivar of the Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus sericea) and belongs to the Cornaceae family. It is popular among gardeners and landscapers for its stunning aesthetic appeal and ability to thrive in various growing conditions.

Its most striking feature is its bright red stems, most prominent during winter when the leaves have fallen. These red stems provide a burst of color against the winter landscape, making them a valuable addition to winter gardens or mixed borders. In the spring, the shrub produces clusters of small, creamy-white flowers, which give way to white fruit clusters in late summer. These berries are a source of food for birds and wildlife.

The leaves of it are medium to dark green, leaning on various shades of red in the fall, adding to its year-round visual interest. The shrub typically reaches a height of 6 to 9 feet and spreads out to a similar width, forming a rounded, dense shape.


Coral Red Dogwood Is A Low-maintenance Tree


It is relatively low-maintenance and adaptable to various soil types, including wet or poorly drained soils, making it suitable for rain gardens or areas with periodic waterlogging. It flourishes in full sun to partisan shade, with optimal growth in moist, well-drained soil.

This plant can be used in various landscape settings, such as hedges, mass plantings, or as a standalone specimen. It is often utilized in erosion control and riparian buffer projects due to its robust root system and ability to stabilize soil.

In conclusion, it is a versatile and visually striking shrub that adds year-round interest to gardens and landscapes. Its vibrant red stems, attractive foliage, and adaptability to various growing conditions make it a favorite choice among garden enthusiasts looking to enhance the beauty of their outdoor spaces. Whether you want to add color to your winter garden or contribute to wildlife habitat, this cultivar of Red Osier Dogwood is a valuable addition to any landscape.


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Jessica Nelson

Plants are packaged in an orderly fashion. The best location to find plants of the best quality!

Thanks Jessica for your great review! We have passed your kind words on to our team. The Wholesale TN Nursery are passionate about providing all of our customers with outstanding experiences and they will be delighted to know they hit the mark with you. We hope that in the future we will be able to provide a similarly excellent experience.