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Fiddlehead Fern

Fiddlehead Fern

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The Fiddlehead Fern

The fiddleheads are furled fronds. Those of a young fern, to be exact. A frond is a large divided leaf, and some botanists restrict the use of the term to the fern group of plants. They are green in color. They are harvested for primary use as a vegetable. Before opening and reaching its full height early in the season, the fernferns are harvested by cutting them fairly close to the ground.

Fiddlehead Fern Bloom Time

The ferns bloom in the spring, where they can then be foraged or commercially harvested, thus making them seasonally available. Recommendation is to take only half of the tops per cluster or plant when picking the ferns. This makes for a sustainable harvest. The season for picking, however, is short. It is about two weeks in a given area. There are three good identifying characteristics. The stem is smooth and green. They have a deep groove on the inside of the stem, shaped much like the letter 'U.' Lastly, they will have a brown, paper-like covering when just emerging from the crown.

Planting Fiddlehead Fern

When it comes to planting your own ferns, average to fertile soil is key. All the better if the soil is humus rich and in the range of neutral to acidic. They prefer light or partial shade, but can handle full shade or full sun if the dirt is damp enough. It is critical that the ferns have moisture. Scorching of the leaves may occur if the soil happens to not be moist enough. In the wild, the ferns are found growing by rivers and streams. That gives way to the idea of having a woodland style garden that is exceptionally moist. If you happen to have a garden bed near a downspout for your gutter, you will find that the ferns thrive quite well there. The Fiddlehead Ferns form a circular cluster of feathery fronds that are slightly arching. They are stiff, brown, fertile fronds that are covered in reproductive spores. They stick up the center of the cluster in late summer and persist well through the winter. One final note, be sure to let your plants establish for a few years before harvesting.

Customer Reviews

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Sally Grubermann
Fiddle head fern

As of 4/¹4/24 we have not received the ferns. Anxiously awaiting their arrival.

Chelsea Preciado

Big well rooted plants. Have not come up yet but look very promising

Jeff Barns
Healthy looking bare roots

Fiddle Fern and lily of the valley order arrived in perfect condition by the care and knowledge of the people who handled my order. Both items were shipped in thick freezer bags, labeled clearly and had enough moisture in them to assure they make into ground by buyer and on their way of being healthy plants. Thanks. Repeat buyer, repeat happy gardener.

Avery Richards
Fiddlehead fern

I couldn't be more pleased with how well my plants was shipped. Every single ferns was delivered in wonderful shape. They give off the appearance of being very healthy.

Avery, we're happy to see that you had a 5-Star experience at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. Thanks for sharing! We are looking forward to making your day once more when you shop with us again.