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Haircap Moss - 25 Square Feet

Haircap Moss - 25 Square Feet

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HairCap Moss

Haircap Moss Polytrichum Commune is one of the most widely planted mosses enjoyed around the globe. It prefers to live in wet, boggy, or heavy clay soil and is best suited to USDA plant hardiness Zones 3 through 9 in the United States.

It prefers a mix of sun and shade but tolerates full shade with only a little filtered sunlight. This Moss is named for its fluffy, feathery, and hair-like appearance. The Latin name Polytrichum translates to many hairs in English. It makes an excellent Ground Cover plant, suitable in high moisture areas where little else will grow.

In nature, you might spot this moss in some extremely adverse habitats. It can grow in shaded sections of rocky canyons or ledges, crawling across fallen trees, or covering decaying stumps. It makes a striking appearance when you unexpectedly find this sign of life in these unwelcoming habitats.

Haircap Moss Is Beautiful to Behold

Almost Carefree, the moss is one of the tallest mosses, reaching a mature height as tall as four inches

Pairing with lower All Moss is lovely, as the height differences add visual interest. This moss has sheathed, shiny stems in a rich green hue and leaves with gently rounded ends.

The leaves are bright green and glossy. Planting moss is an excellent way to make your garden carefree. You can use it to cover the ground for three purposes: to help protect the soil from eroding, to retain moisture in the earth, and to prevent weeds. Once planted, Polytrichum Commune takes all its hydration and nourishment from the air, not the soil. Your only care task is to ensure the surrounding earth stays lightly dampened.

Order Your Haircap Moss From Wholesale Nursery Today

Haircap moss is widely grown worldwide and can flourish in some of the world's most inhospitable environments. It's a beauty and helps maintain good soil health--entrust Wholesale Nursery with your order today.

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Paul Foster
Hair cap Moss

The costs of the plants are really reasonable, and they are packaged in an aesthetically pleasing manner. At TN Nursery, purchasing some plants was a very enjoyable experience for me.

Hi Paul, Your kind words about our plants are really appreciated. We love making our customer’s days and we cannot wait to have the opportunity to make you smile again! Thank you for choosing us!