Indian Pink Plant


Indian Pink

Spigelia Marilandica is a striking North American native perennial flower with vibrant, colorful blooms. It performs best in either the full or partial shade in USDA climate zones 5 through 9.

Indian Pink is easily identified by its stunning outer petals, deep pink to bright red flowers. The flowers have a tubular shape and a gorgeous, bright yellow, five-petalled starburst. They bloom in the late spring, usually between the end of May to early June, according to the planting zone.

The plant grows in clumps and can reach 2' wide and over 2' tall. The leaves are a lovely, true green and are long, narrow, and strap-shaped.

Indian pink is beautiful in a shade garden, pollinator garden, or any natural area. This plant is lovely wherever you have a shady spot that would benefit from a sunny burst of color.

Indian Pink Plants Care

Taking care of Spigelia Marilandica is incredibly easy. It loves moist soil but is drought-tolerant and can grow in almost all conditions with little care. Here are the basics you should know about caring for your Indian Pink flowers:

  • During its blooming season, Indian Pink plants require about 1" weekly watering. Those in a rainy climate will not need to assist their plants. When not blooming, it requires less watering.
  • Although the plant loves the shade, you can plant it in the full sun with additional irrigation.
  • Remove spent blossoms as they wither to encourage additional blossom development.
  • Spigelia Marilandica loves soil that drains well.
  • Fertilize Indian Pinks at least twice yearly: early spring and after the blossoms fall at the end of the season. It also benefits from the addition of peat moss around it.

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