Japanese Maple Tree

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Japanese Maple Tree
Japanese Maple Tree
Japanese Maple Tree
Japanese Maple Tree
Japanese Maple Tree
Japanese Maple Tree
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Japanese Maple Tree

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Size 2-3'

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Japanese Maple Tree

The Japanese Maple Tree has beautiful colors. People love Bloodgood because the foliage remains red almost all year.They can all grow up to 15 feet and are also fantastic to have planted to accent a corner and can be placed in the angles of the house. They will look great in small yards and enormous properties. They are considered showy trees and can be planted along roadsides and curbs. When landscaping these trees, you will have a color explosion, and they are stunning. When planted on your property, your house stands out among other houses around you.The Bloodgood Japanese Maple tree is an excellent addition to anyone's landscaping. This beautiful tree has reddish-purple leaves that start mid-May or June and carry that rich color through to the fall. The color is a great way to break up a primarily green landscape in the front of a house or the backyard.

The trees' dark purple branches in winter still hold the same elegance. The Bloodgood Maples are also considered relatively compact for trees, perfect for landscaping in small areas. That, combined with its layered depth, makes it a perfect shade tree for a patio or deck.

Japanese Maple Tree stands alone among the small trees and shrubs for its striking beauty and seasonal versatility

It is a sweeping, almost fluid-like form that captures the eye immediately. With its rich red foliage, it demands attention amidst the backdrop of other summer greens.Although its appearance can be striking, its soft, feathery foliage can also provide a comforting presence in front of the home. Its delicate form speaks to the artist in us all and continues to engage the eye with its twisting form.Nowhere else can one find a stationary organism that seems alive and full of vibrancy and motion.

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