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Larkspur Delphenium - 100 Plants

Larkspur Delphenium - 100 Plants

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Larkspur Delphenium Plant

>Native to the Midwest United States and western regions of Canada, the Larkspur Plant is a perennial that grows to a height of one to three feet. It showcases lobed segmented leaves near its base and colorful backward trailing flowers at the top of its erect stalk. This herbaceous plant grows prominently on hillsides, brushlands, gardens, pastures, and other environments. 

Larkspur is a deep purple spring-blooming perennial

 Classified as part of the Ranunculaceae botanical family, this showy, stalky flower can be called Delphinium, Giant Larkspur, and Consolida Ajacis. Each plant will produce two to three relatively round stems with short hair fibers. They showcase alternating leaves that attach directly to the stem and can grow up to three inches long by three inches wide.Each leaf will be subdivided a multitude of times into smaller lobes. This gives each leaf a lacy-like appearance. Like its stem, this ornamental flower's leaves are covered with thin hair follicles, producing a silky-like texture.

Larkspur Delphenium Is a Spring Blooming Perennial

Its stem is full of spike-like racemes that can grow up to one inch long. These produce clusters of blue, violet, white, and even pink flowers that grow to a diameter of around two inches. Each flower consists of four petals, some stamens that have light blue anthers, and a single pistil. Its upper sepal has a distinctive upward curve, and its lower petals form a perfectly sized landing pad for visiting fliers. These flowers will bloom during the summer and last for about one to two months maximum. 

 Each flower on these ornate plant stocks will be replaced with pubescence leaf follicles after blooming. These are packed full of tiny seeds. A mature Larkspur Plant will attract. These uniquely slender plants can produce flowers in different hues and tones, including blue, violet, pink, and white. 

 Due to their tall appearance, Larkspur Plants are regularly used as focal backdrops and boundary liners in various landscaping designs. They're conveniently deer-resistant, low-maintenance, and drought-tolerant. Additionally, these beautiful flowers are relatively disease and insect free, which is excellent news for your garden.

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Darlene Kalimon

My flower roots came in plastic bags with writing on them I couldnt read