Giant Ostrich Fern


Ostrich Fern 

Matteuccia Struthiopteris is a large and showy perennial fern with graceful, plume-like fronds that will undoubtedly attract much admiration. They prefer a moist, partial shade location within USDA plant hardiness zones 3 to 7.
Ostrich fern is a beautiful ornamental that makes a powerful, stylish statement in any
partially-shaded setting. It works well near the back of a garden border, in natural areas, near water features or a creek, or in any partially shaded nook you can find.
The ostrich fern originated in the Northern Hemisphere across several continents: North
America, Asia, and Europe.

Ostrich Fern Is an Incredibly Good Looking Shade Dwelling Species

Ostrich fern takes its name from its early season appearance. When new growth emerges in the springtime, The new fronds have a brown fuzzy coating called the crown, which will fall off as the fronds unfurl. The crown forms a spiral shape on the tip--it reminds one of an ostrich tucking its head away and hiding.
Matteuccia Struthiopteris is also unique in size, as it grows to be about three to six feet tall, and the pretty green fronds take on a distinctive, feathered appearance. The enormous fronds have a sword shape with a pronounced tip.

Caring for the Ostrich Fern

Planting and maintaining an ostrich fern is very easy.
The main requirement is to plant it in a semi-shady area, as it wants dappled light, not direct sunshine. It can adapt to the morning sun but will not tolerate afternoon sunshine.
It loves moist, fertile soil with quick and thorough drainage. It loves a humid setting but not wet roots over an extended time.

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Matteuccia Struthiopteris is a uniquely lovely, large fern that will fill your shade garden with exciting shapes, texture, and color. Although it has show-off beauty, it is not difficult to please in terms of care. If you ever wanted to try growing a large, beautiful ostrich fern, why wait? Order it today.