Paw Paw Tree


Paw Paw Tree

Asimina Triloba is a good-natured North American native species. It will thrive in the full sun in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 8. It is a handsome tree bearing large, delicious, edible fruits.

This tree is relatively small, reaching a mature height of 25 feet. That makes it a popular choice for Wholesale Nursery customers who want a small, attractive fruit tree for a smaller yard. The pawpaw tree is easy to grow, requires little care after planting, and anyone in a moderately warm climate zone can achieve successful results.

Note that if you want fruit, you should order two trees--a male and a female--to have a bountiful harvest. However, if you want a paw tree for an ornamental species, you can order just one.

The Paw Paw Tree Produces an Excellent Fruit

Pawpaw tree bears a heavy, oval-shaped fruit that ripens on surprisingly sturdy branches. It resembles a mango in color and size, and people unfamiliar with it often call it mango or papaya. However, those tropical fruits grow only in zone 10 in the United States. On the other hand, the pawpaw tree grows only in moderately cool climates within the United States.

When the fruit is ripe for the picking, it feels slightly soft to the touch and gives off a pleasingly tropical aroma. The texture inside the fruit is similar to a texture. Although it does not grow in the tropics, it has a tropical flavor, which some describe as a combination of pineapple and banana. Once you harvest the fruit, you must use it quickly--it spoils incredibly fast.

Order Your Paw Paw Tree From Wholesale Nursery Co. Today

Wholesale Nursery recommends ordering a pair of paw trees, one male and one female if you want to harvest this excellent fruit. Leave the tree selection to us--if you order two, we know what to do. You can entrust your order to our knowledgeable staff.