Pitch Pine Tree


Pitch Pine Tree

The Pinus rigida is a fast-growing North American evergreen, originally growing from the Appalachian Mountains to the east coast. It is a cool-climate species and thrives in full sun or a sun-shade mix in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 7.

Because of its rapid growth rate of about 24” annually, it is a widespread species for commercial growers who harvest it for lumber and wood pulp. Gardeners who choose this utilize it for natural areas on expansive properties.

The pitch pine tree reaches an average of 70 feet when fully grown. The crown has a triangle shape during its growing phases but rounds out in maturity.

The needles of this evergreen are a medium shade of green, three to five inches long, and present in bundles of three.

All the pitch pine needs other than sufficient sunlight is well-drained soil. It does not seem to mind poor soil quality and needs no additional care once it establishes strong roots.

Pitch Pine Trees Benefits in Planting

Why would people include the pitch pine in a landscape plan? Besides the fast pace of growth, they have several other benefits.

  • Sheltering wildlife: Pine trees grow sturdy branches and dense canopies that serve as a refuge for local wildlife. Birds, squirrels, and other small mammals will seek the safety of the foliage. The tree protects them from predators and gives them a reprieve from the blazing sun.
  • A fresh aroma: Some gardeners plant this species for no reason but to enjoy the fresh pine scent.
  • Erosion control: Soil erosion often occurs due to soil compaction. Densely packed soil means that the earth cannot absorb nutrients, so little grows well in the area. As a result, the area can become dry and subject to wind or water erosion ravages. The roots of the pitch pine tree strengthen quickly, helping to eradicate the problem of eroding soil.

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