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Red Oak Tree

Red Oak Tree

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Red Oak Trees

Quercus Rubra is a North American native deciduous tree species that can grow faster than many other hardwood trees. It will thrive in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 8 and prefers a spot in full or partial sunshine.

Gardeners adore this tree, as evidenced by its widespread use throughout the United States. It has large, beautiful, glossy green leaves and more than ample shade in the summer. But many plant it for the awe-inspiring display of unapologetically red color that lasts for several weeks each fall.

Red oak trees reach a mature height of almost 70' with a pleasingly shaped, cylindrical crown and dark brown bark. It is a handsome tree that adorns any yard.

Why Red Oak Trees Are So Popular With Wholesale Nursery Customers

Besides the beautiful fall colors and abundance of shade, here are just a few reasons why we sell so many red oak trees:

  • Relatively fast growth rate: Many hardwood trees are slow growers--not so with red oak trees! You can expect it to add two to three feet every growing season.
  • Easy to care for: Once you plant this tree, you must provide water during the first weeks, especially if you receive little rainfall. It is entirely self-sufficient, drought-resistant, pest-resistant, and disease-resistant. It’s also not particular about your soil quality or type.
  • The annual acorns will provide a feast for your backyard visitors: As your tree matures, it will drop generously sized acorns, providing fall and winter nutrition for mammals that may visit your yard. This act of kindness will be one they will appreciate when winter scarcity sets in.

Order Red Oak Trees From Wholesale Nursery Today

Wholesale Nursery lovingly grows all our trees, shrubs, ferns, perennials, moss, and more at our central Tennessee site, where the plants enjoy an ideal growing climate of warm summer days, cool and breezy evenings, and mild winter temperatures. We hand-curate each order, digging fresh right before we ship. You can confidently place your order with us.

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Sarah Young

Fantastic variety of different kinds of plants. Superb value. It comes highly recommended.

Thanks for the 5-star review, Sarah. You made our day! We look forward to making your day again real soon.

Clay Bass
Nice Red Maple Trees

Love my plants and I will be a return customer

We really appreciate you taking the time to leave us your 4-star review, Clay. It means a lot to the whole team, and we’d love to have you back very soon.