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Redbud Tree

Redbud Tree

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Redbud Tree

Cercis canadensis is a graceful, eye-popping species many gardeners covet. It's a top seller at Wholesale Nursery Co., thanks to the plentiful pink blossoms and light floral fragrance. This good-natured tree fares well in either full or partial sun. Enjoy it in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 to 9.

Here are a few other reasons to include the redbud tree in your landscape. This robust species is cold-resistant, heat-resistant, drought-resistant, and disease-resistant.

How Wholesale Nursery Co Customers Use the Redbud Tree.

Where can you put this lovely tree? Here are a few ways our customers use it in their yards:

  • Pollinator garden: The blossoms open early, providing essential nectar to the first bees, moths, and butterflies of the season.
  • Shade garden: The redbud tree is ideal in that filtered sunshine section of a shade garden.
  • Understory tree: This species is companionable and happily adds vibrant color underneath taller trees.

How to Care for a Redbud Tree (It's Easier Than You Think!)

The redbud tree is good-natured and undemanding, despite its over-the-top good looks.

A healthy tree starts with locating the perfect sunny or filtered sunshine site that will consider its future size. A mature redbud tree reaches approximately twenty to thirty tall and twenty-foot across the crown.

When you plant your tree, it needs a little assistance for the first month or two. That's the time it takes for the roots to take hold. During those earliest weeks, ensure the plant receives an inch or two of water.

The Redbud Tree Adds Charm and Elegance to Your Landscape

Redbud flowers are small, under an inch across, and pea-shaped. However, they present in large, showy clusters of seven or more blossoms that appear to be a single, lush flower.

Once the flower petals drop, the dark-green, glossy, heart-shaped leaves will take their place until the fall. Autumn brings a color-washed pastel yellow.

Order Your Redbud Tree From Wholesale Nursery Co. Today

Wholesale Nursery commits to shipping only quality plants out of our central Tennessee facility. We are confident that the care we put into every plant will earn us your repeat business. Give us a try--order today.

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Loretta Wilson

Redbud Tree

Helen Burris
Eastern Redbud Trees

Great product, fast shipping, Simply beautiful

Hearing how much you love our plant has brightened up our day! Thank you for the great review you left us, Helen, and for choosing to shop with us!

Vince Howard

Love this tree very much. The pink buds really are just beautiful

Thank you for the 5 stars! We loved being of service to you and hope we can assist you again soon.