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Red Maple Tree 3.49

Red Maple Tree 3.49

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Red Maple Tree

The Red Maple tree, scientifically known as Acer rubrum, is a captivating and versatile species cherished for its vibrant foliage, adaptability, and ecological significance. This iconic tree is native to eastern North America, from southern Newfoundland to Florida and as far west as Texas. Standing as a symbol of resilience and natural beauty, the Red Maple is cherished by both arborists and nature enthusiasts alike.

One of the most remarkable features of the tree is its foliage, which changes throughout the year. In spring, the leaves emerge in a brilliant shade of red, gradually transitioning to green in the summer months. As autumn arrives, this tree truly comes into its own, displaying a breathtaking range of red, orange, and yellow hues that brighten the landscape. These striking colors make the Red Maple a favorite choice for landscaping, and its small, delicate flowers in early spring also add to its ornamental appeal.

This tree is celebrated for its adaptability to various soil types and moisture levels. It can thrive in wetlands, riverbanks, and urban environments, making it a versatile choice for landscaping projects. Furthermore, the tree serves as an essential resource for wildlife, as its seeds provide nourishment for various birds and small mammals, while its dense canopy offers shade and shelter.

Red Maple Tree Has Stunning And Versatile Wood

The red maple tree's wood is also highly prized for its versatility. It is used in the crafting of furniture, flooring, and even musical instruments due to its fine grain and beautiful reddish hue. Moreover, the sap of the Red Maple can be tapped in the spring to produce maple syrup, although it is less sweet than that of the Sugar Maple.

In summary, the Red Maple tree is a magnificent and cherished species that boasts year-round beauty, adaptability, and ecological significance. Its vibrant foliage, resilience, and multiple uses, from landscaping to woodwork, make it an enduring symbol of natural splendor in North America.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dennis Fowler
Red maple

So far so good. I planted them in late February. For Texas that’s right before spring time weather. I have no clue if they will do much or show growth this Spring/Summer, but they were alive and looked good when I got them. I’m hopeful they will work out for the long haul.

Thank you for the fantastic review, Dennis. We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying our plants!

WT Lange
Red Maple...

Excellent condition and trimmings.

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a 5-star rating – it’s much appreciated!

Victorian Farms
Red Maples

Trees look good on arrival. In the ground and hoping all goes well over the winter and into next Spring.

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a 5-star rating – it’s much appreciated!

David Dirksen
Plants in good condition planted yesterday

Plants in good condition planted yesterday

David, hearing how much you love our plants has brightened up our day at Wholesale TN Nursery! We are looking forward to making your day once more when you shop with us again.

Clint Bricks

Very strong and sturdy tree! Beautiful reds and oranges!

Clint, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us feedback! We’re glad that you enjoyed your plants.