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Silky Willow Tree

Silky Willow Tree

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Silky Willow

Silky Willow is a rapid-flourishing shrub or recurring tree that is dampness-loving. This plant is scientifically known as Salix sericea. It is referred to this due to silk flowers and some white hairs on the leaves undersides. Conditions like hardy planting zones, sun or shade required, blooming season and color, heights at maturity, and soil types preferred are necessary for its flourishing. The factors mentioned have been expounded below. Hardy Planting Zone

Silky Willow -Salix sericea blossoms in planting zones 4-8

Its moisture-loving nature makes it well along streams, rivers, creeks, and swampy areas. The presence of any fresh running water can be appreciated by blossoming fully. It has recorded survival in Coastal, Mountain, and Piedmont Regions. Blooming Season and Color Salix sericea blooms during the spring and summer seasons. Blooming happens from March to May during the year and finally matures into fruiting in June.

The leaves are spear-like blades with a deep green color on their upper surface and pale green beneath the leaves. They have a flower blooming color of yellow-green during the flowering season. During the fall season, it completely turns yellow. Maturity Height The maturity height of the Willow at 20 years is 12 feet. However, its peak is naturally 6.6 to 13.0 feet and 4-12 feet wide. Farmers should propagate it through cuttings, seeds, and containers.

When they propagate from seed, it gradually develops colonies. Soil Type this tree does well in soil with a Ph of 6 and 8 and should be moist or wet. Salix sericea blossoms best in somewhat acidic soil and any well-drained soil. The type of soil preferred is acidic, clay, loam, or sand that remains moist. Sun and Shade

Silky Willow Is Malleable To Light Surroundings

It can blossom in the open shade or even under direct sunlight. Generally, it can endure any weather without complications.