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Tree Of Heaven

Tree Of Heaven

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Tree of Heaven

Ailanthus Altissima is a quick-growing deciduous tree that can help fill a garden faster than imaginable. This species prefers the full sun but will tolerate six or more hours of partial sunshine throughout USDA plant hardiness Zones 4 to 9.

The Tree of Heaven resembles a tropical palm tree because of its large, oval, three-foot-long leaves with serrated edges. But while it looks tropical, it is cold-hardy, and it's much easier to grow than palms. They reach as tall as 70' when fully grown.

Each spring, the Tree of Heaven bears huge clusters of deep yellow or gold flowers that will develop later into bird-attracting fruits.

When customers call TN Nursery requesting information on a tree that requires almost zero care, we often recommend this species. This tree thrives where others may fail.

It cares nothing about soil quality, fertilizers, or water. It is cold-hardy, heat-tolerant, drought-resistant, pest-resistant, and disease-resistant. You must only put it in a sunny spot in a quick-draining location; it does not like wet roots.

Tree of Heaven Grows Easily and Is Useful Almost Anywhere

The Tree of Heaven originated in China and later spread across most of continental Asia. However, it first appeared in New York City in 1820, where city developers utilized it as an ornamental along the sidewalks. They intentionally chose this species for its low demand for additional care after planting. It has been in the United States for over 200 years and is well-suited to life in the American garden.

Today, gardeners use it as an ornamental or specimen tree in their yards or plant it on steep slopes that are too dangerous for mowing--it spreads through an underground root network that makes it spread and fill in large areas in just a few years.

Order Your Tree of Heaven From Wholesale Nursery Today

If you want a beautiful tree that will fill in an empty area and require little follow-up care, the Tree of Heaven is perfect for you. Place your order with Wholesale Nursery today.

Customer Reviews

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Tree of Hell
Do not order this invasive species

Terrible plant, host of the Spotted Lantern Fly, kills other plants around it.

Do not plant Tree of Heaven

Linda King

Quite satisfied with the broad range of plants available and the assistance that was provided! There is no doubt in my mind that I will be a returning customer.

Thanks for the 5 stars Linda, your review is a great way to let us know we’re on track for making our customers smile! We appreciate you taking the time to give your feedback and hope to see you shopping with us again.