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Turk Cap Lily - 100 Plants

Turk Cap Lily - 100 Plants

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Turk's Cap Lily

Lilium Superbum is a versatile, stunning flower. It's a native species of the United States and is most notably America's tallest lily. It grows in the full sun or a partially sunny location in USDA planting Zones 4 through 8.

Turk's Cap Lily requires little care and takes only a few short minutes each week to maintain. It is a traditional flower that looks fantastic in a cutting garden, cottage garden, Rock Garden, or natural area.

This beautiful flower is a glorious sight that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Turk's Cap Lily Is a Stunning Orange Flower

Turk's Cap Lila bears stunning vibrant orange, trumpet-shaped blooms with yellow or brown centers and a dusting of darker orange or brown freckles. Flowers are enormous and showy, sometimes reaching up to eight inches across.

The foliage of this lily is lance-shaped with a pronounced tip, glossy and dark green, and the height of the plant can range from two to six feet, depending on its growing conditions.

Turk's Cap Lily has an incredibly fragrant scent. It has a sweet scent with hints of citrus and spice. It is delightful and is a common ingredient in perfumes and potpourri.

Caring for Turk's Cap Lily:

Lilium Superbum is best suited for planting in well-drained but moist soil. This lily is an excellent addition to any garden because it is beautiful and easy to care for.

  • Make sure to water the plants deeply, but it only needs this care every few days.
  • Mulch around the base of the perennial plant to help hold the moisture.
  • Prune the stems back to the ground after the flowers have faded. This care will promote new growth and flowering.

You will find caring for this plant relaxing and simple.

Order Your Turk's Cap Lily From Wholesale Nursery Today

Turk's Cap Lily is a showstopping flower that will add lovely orange color and lush foliage to your garden. It's a customer-favorite flower for Wholesale Nursery customers with a limited supply--place your order today.

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Robert's Greenhouse & Nursery LLC
Plants Arrvied Healthy

Our plants arrived sooner than I expected and came in very viable and healthy. I was surprised in this heat we are having.