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Willow Oak Tree

Willow Oak Tree

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Willow Oak Tree 

Willow Oak Tree is a North American native deciduous species enjoying tremendous popularity across the eastern and central United States. It needs a full sun location to achieve maximum growth and performs best in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 9. 

Willow Oak Tree is An American classic

It's the tree you often see in city parks, green spaces, or boulevards. It is medium-to-tall and achieves a full-grown height of around 70' with a graceful, cylindrical crown that can be as much as 40' across. The branches have a loose, open density at the bottom of the crown and become fuller at the top. 

Leaves are a lovely shade of glossy green, grow in a zig-zag on their stems, and are elongated in shape. Some get as long as 5" and 1" wide. In the autumn, the leaves of this tree turn warm gold, orange, or rust-toned. 

The Tree will produce a smallish but well-formed nutty brown acorn with a textured light brown cap. They drop from the branches in the fall every year. 

This species is a customer favorite. Here are three reasons why they love the tree: 

  • It is undemanding: Like most native species trees, this one will not require constant care. Water it for the first few weeks after you plant it (unless you receive significant rain showers), then it will look after itself.
  • It cleanses the air: As mentioned before, this tree is famous for its appearance in public parks and cityscapes. Partially, that is because it's low maintenance. More importantly, it tolerates smog and pollution and will help purify the air.
  • It is a hardy tree: The species is robust and resilient. It is drought-resistant, pest-resistant, heat-tolerant, wind-resistant, and disease-resistant. 

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Willow Oak Tree

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