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Winterberry Shrub

Winterberry Shrub

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Winterberry "Winter Red"


Winterberry Shrub is a favorite for many gardeners, as it provides beautiful ruby red color throughout the long, dark winter days. The shrub gets its name from the tiny, under 1" berries, which emerge from petite flowers and Red Cardinal Flower in the autumn and ripen to its rich red hue in the fall. They stay on the branches all winter, providing a veritable feast for small mammals and birds that stick around during the cold season.

This shrub stays reasonably tiny, topping out at around twelve feet tall. Some gardeners prefer to trim it during its early stages, removing the lower branches to give it a similar look to a small tree. Either way, the plant is lovely all year round, whether you grow it as a naturally twiggy shrub or pruned into a tree.

The shrub is part of the holly family. It displays three-inch, oblong, glossy leaves in a rich green shade; The leaf edges are slightly sharp, with toothy edges.

The North American native species is resilient and will give you years of pleasure. It grows in almost the entire North American continent, in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 9.

Benefits Of Planting Winterberry

Besides the apparent beauty of this plant, including this shrub in your landscape provides many benefits.

  • A hardy species: It is a vigorous and resilient plant. It is pest-resistant, disease-resistant, and deer-resistant. It also accepts many light conditions, from full sunshine to partial shade.
  • Easy to take care of: This forest native species will flourish without much assistance from a gardener. It will grow beautifully as long as it has fertile, moist soil.
  • Multi-useful: It is suitable in many garden settings: in a shade garden, pollinator garden, or bird garden, to name a few.

The Winterberry Holly Is A Beautiful Plant--Order Today

This Shrub will add charm to the winter garden, is suitable for almost all parts of the United States, and is easy to care for--place your order today.