Sugar Maple Seedlings

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  • Sugar Maple Seedlings
  • Sugar Maple Seedlings

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Sugar Maple Seedlings, Acer Saccharum are Long Living and Easily Adaptable Deciduous

Sugar Maple seedlings or better known as Acer Saccharum. Hardy in planting zones 3-8. The growth rate is 3 feet each year; Plant in full sun or partial shade and in almost any kind of soil as it is very adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions. They will bring wildlife to your landscape, from rabbits to squirrels that feed on seeds, buds, and leaves.

They prefer soil that is moist but does have some drought resistance. Beautiful fall color is brilliant red and yellow; In spring, there will be green to yellow flowers from April to May. It does have a fruit that is second-winged seeds on one stem. These trees make lovely shade trees and could cut down on cooling costs due to the shade they provide. These trees prefer to be planted deep in the well-drained and moist soil.

Sugar Maple Seedlings, Acer Saccharum is Fast Growing and Prefer Soggy Soil, Nutrient Depleted Soil

Broad, textured leaves of green tops and silver bottoms, combined with the tree’s brilliant fall foliage display, also make it a popular choice for planting in home landscapes. The deciduous nature of the large tree blocks hot summer while allowing the warm rays of winter sun to permeate the home landscape, which helps lower home energy usage and costs.

This fast-growing maple tree grows well in soggy soil, nutrient-depleted soil, and other conditions in which most other trees refuse to grow. Silver maples are easily adaptable, thrive when transplanted, and can live well over 100 years.

Zones: 3-8

Mature Height: 50′-70’ft

Width: 40′-60’ft

Shape: Oval to round shape

Growth: Fast-growing

Sunlight: Full Sun

Soil: Does best in moist, well-drained soil but will adapt to poor soil

Botanical name: Acer saccharinum

Silver maples produce tiny greenish-yellow flowers in the early spring, quickly eclipsed by newly sprouting leaves. The fall foliage color keeps in line with its spring floral display and turns a brilliant yellow in autumn. Silver maples produce solid and thick limbs which lend themselves well to children’s swings and treehouses.


Sugar Maple Seedlings, Acer Saccharum is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

You can find sugar maple seedlings throughout Canada, the Midwest, and Northern United States. This young tree can be found in plant hardiness zones 3–8 and grows at a sluggish rate of 8-14 inches each year. They achieve a mature height of up to 70' tall. And they spread up to 45' wide by growing slowly yet consistently. Sugar Maple seedlings will grow well in clay, loamy, or sandy soils. The best soil conditions are well-drained and medium to moist.


Sugar Maple Seedlings can tolerate a wide range of solar exposures, from full shade to full sun.

Suppose the objective is to plant the seedling while still a seedling. The plant should be safeguarded from wildlife. Deer frequently shine on these young trees, causing them to be severely damaged or even killed. While precautions should be taken during the seedling stage, the full-grown stage will attract a variety of fauna, including rabbits, moose, and several squirrel species. The seedling form of this tree is kind of frail and delicate, even though it develops to be quite enormous. Because its roots are shallow in the earth, they can be damaged by large machines such as riding lawnmowers.


This tree will produce brilliant fall colors and sufficient shade for a landscape once it reaches maturity. Many people use the mature tree's wood for lumber, sap for maple syrup, or height and width for shade on hot summer days. This maple is the state tree of Wisconsin, New York, Vermont, and West Virginia, and its wood was utilized to construct the NBA's colossal gym floors. It also produces some of the most excellent firewood, with easy splitting, lengthy burn times, and ash utilized as fertilizer. In the autumn, orange leaves make for a stunning display of greenery.


The leaves of the Sugar Maple are dark green and turn burned orange, yellow, and red in the fall. Every autumn, this spectacular show will make you stop and pay attention. The bark develops a beautiful grey tone that sticks out in the winter. The most commonly used for tapping, this enormous shade tree is most likely where your maple syrup comes from. The firewood produced by the Sugar Maple tree is prized for its ease of splitting, high heat value, and ash that may be used to improve plants.


The Sugar Maple is a large and lovely tree that will bring joy to anybody who sees it. This maple tree's dark green leaves develop a beautiful crimson to orange color in autumn, making it one of any tree's outstanding fall color displays. This tree should be placed away from roadways, where its roots may become compacted or exposed to road salt. The Sugar Maple's shallow roots should be allowed to grow in an area that is not vulnerable to soil compaction. Driving over the roots can harm the tree, even with a bit of a garden tractor.

The Sugar Maple may thrive in various soils, but it prefers deep, rich soils that are consistently moist but well-drained.


Zones: 3-8

Soil Type: Loamy & Sandy Soils

Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Sun, Shade 

Mature Height: 50-70' Height 

Soil Moisture: Average soils

Shipped as: Bareroot

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Additional Information

Latin Name- Acer Saccharum Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 82-115 ft Width- 25-30 Sun or Shade- Partial Shade
Planting Zones 3-8
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