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Black raspberries tolerate many different types of soil.

Black Raspberry

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Black Raspberries Bush are shrubs that produces one delicious and highly valuable fruit even sometimes more than their red cousin.

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Black raspberries tolerate many different types of soil. They prefer full sun to partial shade and benefit from protection from frost by being planted on the north side of a slope or building. Hardy in Zones 5-8, they reach a mature height of up to 6 feet and are easy to grow and maintain. Popular with backyard gardeners, black raspberries prized for their rapid growth and robust fruit production. The berries ripen in mid-season and can be expected as soon as the first year after planting. Boasting high nutritional value, they are often used in pies, jellies, and jams and are delightful when eaten fresh. Black Raspberry is also known as the Ideaus Rubus; The best planting zones are hardy planting zones 6-10; The typical growth rate is up to 6 feet a year.
The Black Raspberry can grow up to 10 feet tall and 5 feet wide. This bush is a large grower and is very comparable to raspberries. The Bush does have prickly shoots, so be careful when picking the berries. The berries that this bush produces is a little blackberry, which is usually very sweet to the taste. The berry is dark red to black and plump. The leaves of this plant are pinnate and have five leaflets on each sheet. The flowers that this plant will produce are long and slender and usually twice as long as the petals. It is very adaptable and can grow in loamy, acidic and dry. It prefers full sun to partial shade. The leaves are small, dark green and the blooms are yellow to white. The berries will become ripe in the summer through early fall. They grow in large clumps or clusters and picked by the handfuls. Most of these bushes grown are for humans to enjoy, but often wildlife critters like deer, turkey, birds, and squirrels enjoy them too! The berries can also be used as a dye if desired. These plants do need protecting from the spring frost and wind damage.

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