Travel Bags For Every Occasion

Like me, I must plan to pack a travel bag, especially during the most bussiest season for our nursery business. I always forget something and have to go to a drug store or Walmart most of the time when we arrive in some state in an area I have not a clue where to go to get anything at. I have found out there’s bare necessities one needs to use each time they travel in their bags, here is a list of them:

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  1. Headphones or Ear Plugs- In a hotel there’s always some screaming child or someone partying in the next room. I download a branc of running water and plug them in to sleep. Lord help me if a hotel ever catches onfire, I wouldnt hear nothing.
  2.  Commode Wipes- No matter how enticing and clean your room may seem, there are millions of germs on tiolet seats, don’t forget your sanitary wipes.
  3. Snacks- That sugar craving at 11am won’t forgive you without some needed chocolate and energy. Always bring some quick-pick-me- up snacks for the best possible experience. No one wants to awake and track down a snack shop in a hotel
  4. Medicine- Headache, heartburn or pms, always pack some quick meds.
  5. Contacts or Glasses- Oh My! What a disturbance when you needs your bifocals to read some fine print and you forgot them! Always remember to pack your second eyes.
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