Kousa Dogwoods provide shade to any landscape

Kousa Dogwoods provide shade to any landscape

Kousa Dogwood Tree

Planting trees is essential in your home because they provide shade and prevent soil erosion. Among the trees to plant is Kousa Dogwood. It plays a crucial role in curbing the appeal of your home since it's an excellent choice for landscapes. This blog explains the reasons you should purchase it and its bloom season. Keep reading to learn more.
Reasons to Purchase This Plant

Below are compelling reasons why you need to buy this tree.
Easy to Grow

The plant is easy to grow, especially when transplanted from the nursery. Drill a hole that is about three times the size of the seedling. Place the plant to the same depth they were in the seedbed. It ensures that the plant's roots spread out adequately. Stay calm if the tree loses a few leaves after transplanting because they increase. Choosing a wide and sturdy one would be best if you grow it in containers. Consider a substantial container that will not break in windy weather.

Thrives Almost Everywhere

Another reason you should consider buying this tree because it survives in almost every climatic condition. It grows well in light conditions ranging from full sun to part shade. In addition, it is more tolerant to dry weather than other species; thus, it fits anywhere you want to grow it. It has a shallow root system, which enhances its survival near buildings or sidewalks without root damage. Also, its more resistant to pests, increasing the odds of survival in pest-infested areas.
Bloom Season

Typically, Kousa Dogwood makes its contribution throughout the year. However, spring is considered to be the plant's bloom season. It produces creamy-white flowers during this period, between May and April. In summer, its attractive canopy produces layered branches that provide shade. Furthermore, they enhance beauty which makes it more appealing. The plant gives a fantastic display of bright red color with strawberry-like fruits during autumn.

Moreover, it provides an appeal of its own during winter. It maintains a stratified pattern in the bark and branches. If you plant it near the flowering variety, it tends to retain its blossoms longer.
Where it Would Look Great

Kousa Dogwood would look nice when planted in the backyard

It grows in an attractive, rounded shape and provides a beautiful form with horizontal branching. Furthermore, it provides varying colors in different year seasons, enhancing visual interest.

If you want to purchase this incredible plant, we sell it at reduced prices that won't break the bank. In addition, we provide fast shipping nationwide.

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