The Angelic Carolina Silver Bell Tree

The Angelic Carolina Silver Bell Tree

The Unique Carolina Silver Bell Tree

Carolina Silver Bell, commonly known as Four - a winged Silver bell or simply Silver bell, belongs to the deciduous family of trees. This variety has the potential to reach a mature height of 30 feet and contains a width just as significant. The Silverbell tree flowers with a bell-shaped flower in May, then bearing a four-winged fruit that will slowly ripen by October.

Carolina Silver Bell Tree Is A Amazing Ornamental Tree

Grown as an ornamental type produces this edible fruit, which is pickled when it is unripe or eaten after it ripened. However hardy the tree, it may be susceptible to drought conditions as well as being prone to fertilizer burn. While growing at a more moderate rate, the Silverbell has been known to live as long as 100 years.

Carolina Silver Bell Specs:

Zones --- Hardiest in 5 but able to cultivate in 5 - 8.
Mature Height-- 30 feet at full maturity.
Mature Width-- 30 feet in Width by full maturity.
Sunlight --- Full sun.
Soil conditions-- Light sandy soil to medium loamy soils.
Botanical family name--Halesia Carolina

The Carolina Silver Bell Tree Is A Beautiful Tree And Has An Extremely Long Life

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Silver Maple Seedlings

Silver Maple Seedlings - 10 Pack

The Silver Maple Seedlings usually grow between 50 and 80 feet tall. While the gray bark on the relatively short trunk is smooth when the tree is young, it develops scaly ridges as the tree matures, which adds interest to many landscapes. This tree prefers deep, moist, acidic soil. Plan for it to grow up to 80 feet tall and spread to be about 50 feet wide. The tree will grow about 24 inches taller yearly until it fully matures.  Silver Maple Seedlings Stunning Foliage Male and female flowers emerge on Silver Maple Seedlings before the leaves appear in the spring. These yellow flowers, about 0.5 inches in diameter, appear from red buds. The flowers appear on small lateral branches at the end of the previous season’s growth. The flowers on each tree are typically all male or female. After the flowers fade in about ten days, winged fruit about the same size as the flowers appear. The winged fruit remain on the tree for about three weeks.  The leaves on this tree are dull green on the top and a white color underneath. They appear on either side of upturned stems and can be up to 6 inches long. They have five lobes with deep-veined sinuses. The leaves turn light gold in the fall. While this tree would prefer to live in well-drained soil, it will tolerate periods of extended flooding when necessary. Silver Maple Seedlings make Excellent Shade Trees. You are likely to love the open look of the Silver Maple Seedlings. Consider it an excellent shade tree in your landscaping, and you will have a long-living tree that helps shade your house and that you can build beautiful memories under. Silver Maple Seedlings Info Hardy Planting Zone- 3 to 9 Bloom Season (if any) - Spring Bloom Color – Yellow flowers appear from red buds Height at Maturity –Up to 80 feet tall Soil Type Preferred- Deep, moist, acidic soil Sun or  Shade-Partial shade to full sun

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