Top Maple Trees Beloved By Many

Top Maple Trees Beloved By Many

The Beloved Maple Trees

Maple trees are among the most popular for their beautiful leaves that change color in the fall. Many maple trees make it possible to get just the one you want for your property.

Red Maple
The red maple is a beloved member of the maple family with several red aspects. They have red in their flowers, in their twigs, and even in their seeds. They are also known for their bright red color in the fall. The red maple is highly adaptable and can be planted in wet areas and grow in clay and swamps. It is sought-after for the many different soil types that it will grow in. It will also grow at various elevations and with varying moisture and pH levels. It has very minimal needs and generally grows without much intervention. It has small, unusual-looking red flowers in the spring, and its sap can make syrup.


Sugar Maple Is Known For Its Beautiful Shapes

The sugar maple is known for its beautiful shape, round to oval, and the colors it displays in the fall. Sugar maples can turn orange, gold, and red in the fall. Cultivated trees can grow to be as tall as 60 to 75 feet. It's an excellent tree for providing shade, and it is long-lived. It's also slow-growing, so having a young sugar maple in landscaping is excellent. Canada's national symbol is this leaf, which is growing well throughout the eastern portion of the U.S. and Canada. As the name suggests, this is a high-sugar species with sap that can be turned into syrup.
Scarlet Maple
The scarlet maple is well-named, as this tree has a scarlet color in the fall. It starts bright green, then turns bright red at the end of the season. After that, it turns gold and orange before losing its leaves. The fiery color makes this tree a highly showy type of maple. It can be planted in urban conditions and has sturdy branches that aren't often damaged by high winds. In the early spring, it releases winged, red-tinted seeds. It makes a beautiful shade tree.

Silver Maple Is Known For Its Silvery-White Shade

The silver maple is so named because its leaves are green on top, and underneath is a silvery-white shade. When the wind blows, you see areas of silver here and there, blowing in the breeze. It is a hardy tree that can be planted in many soil types. It can grow to be as tall as 50 to 80 feet. It's a fast-growing tree, so it's great to plant for shade. In the fall, the green of the leaves turns light yellow. This tree grows in the general shape of a vase. It has beautiful coloring from the spring through the late fall.

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