Wintergreen Boxwood is a short evergreen shrub

Wintergreen Boxwood

Wintergreen Boxwood


Wintergreen Boxwood is a short evergreen shrub that can easily be trimmed and shaped. Most people plant it because it is easy to care for and tend. It works well as an "edger" for yards where you want to create a visual line of demarcation. Plant it along the edge of your property or grow it near the exterior walls of your house.

This broadleaf evergreen grows slowly, contributing to its ability to be shaped and maintained easily. It also tolerates the coldest temperatures, which survives even in the bitterest winters.


The broad leaves turn a lovely shade of medium waxy green in spring.


Its foliage is very lush and full. Additionally, the shrub grows several tiny yellow flowers.

You can trim the yellow flowers if you like, but most homeowners and gardeners find the little flowers have a pleasant smell. Of course, you may also enjoy the bright little yellow flowers adding color to the hedges around your property. For people that enjoy sculpting this hedge into something extraordinary, the yellow flowers only contribute to the appearance of shrub sculpting as an art form.

So hardy is the wintergreen boxwood that you can grow it in any level of sun or shade. The ground needs to be well-drained but moist. The roots of this shrub are kept moist with mulch, and the shrub should be fertilized with a nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer annually.

Wintergreen Boxwood can grow as tall as five feet in its natural state.


It is ideal if you don't want to trim and prune it and like it to be taller for more privacy. It does grow as broad as it grows tall, providing quite a bit of privacy as a natural fence.

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