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Wintergreen Boxwood

Wintergreen Boxwood

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Wintergreen Boxwood

Wintergreen boxwood, scientifically known as Buxus microphylla var. koreana 'Wintergreen,' is a charming and versatile evergreen shrub that graces gardens and landscapes with its enduring beauty and year-round appeal.

This particular variety of boxwood is highly regarded for its dense, compact growth habit, making it an excellent choice for hedges, borders, and formal garden settings. It boasts small, glossy green leaves that retain their vibrant color throughout the year. An attractive oval shape characterizes its foliage, adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor space.

One of the remarkable qualities of it is its adaptability to a broad range of growing conditions. It succeeds in total sun and partisan shade, providing flexibility in placement within your garden or landscape. This evergreen shrub can also tolerate various soil types, from well-draining to slightly clayey, making it suitable for different environments.

Wintergreen Boxwood Is Low-Maintenance

It requires minimal maintenance, making it a favored choice for those seeking a low-maintenance landscaping option. Pruning can help maintain its desired shape and size, and it responds well to regular trimming, allowing you to create neatly manicured hedges or geometric shapes. Its resilience against common pests and diseases adds to its ease of care, ensuring it remains vibrant and healthy.

In the landscape, it can serve various purposes. As a hedge or border plant, it provides a classic and timeless look that enhances the overall aesthetic of your garden. Its evergreen foliage contributes to your landscape's visual appeal even during winter, when many other plants have gone dormant.

Beyond its ornamental value, the wintergreen boxwood can also be used creatively in formal garden designs, such as knot gardens or parterres, where its compact growth habit and elegant appearance can be showcased to create intricate patterns and designs.

Wintergreen boxwood is a versatile and enduring evergreen shrub prized for its compact growth habit, year-round vibrant foliage, and adaptability to various growing conditions. Whether used as a hedge, border, or formal garden accent, it adds a touch of elegance and timeless beauty to gardens and landscapes, making it a favored option for improving outdoor spaces.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Kasten
Great, healthy bare root boxwoods

I received 120 boxwoods which range in size from 6-12". They were healthy and vibrant upon unboxing and have done very well in the ground thus far (planted approximately 4 weeks prior to first frost). Highly recommend.