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Bamboo Plant

Bamboo Plant

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A Description of the Bamboo Plant

A bamboo plant's physical appearance is a perennial plant that is green in color for most parts of the year. It is a monocotyledonous plant. It is a plant sub-classified in the grass family, particularly the Bambusoideae family. The scientific name for the common plant is Bambusa vulgaris.

Bamboo Plant Grows Very Fast

Because they are monocots, the plants lack the cambium, therefore, the plants rarely grow in girth. However, they are among the world's fastest-growing plants with an average of 36 cm every 24 hours. The stems are yellow with intermittent green strips. A mature bamboo plant can grow up to 20m in height and about 10cm in circumference. Additionally, the plants do not require a lot of sunshine for its growth. They prefer areas that are not well lit with partial shade. However, this varies from species to species. Natively types plants grow in the tropical and subtropic zones.

The preferred soil type is volcanic soil as it is well aerated, has adequate drainage, and retains optimum moisture that facilitates its rhizomes' growth. The plant thrives in temperate climate. Native plantations are located in South Asia and sub-Saharan regions in Africa. However, due to increased demand for the plant as a raw product in many industries, people are slowly embracing it in cultivation. The bloom color and bloom season are important determinants in determining the right time to harvest the plant. A mature plant is tall and yellow. It has a smooth exterior surface, and it is hard to break due to the extensive lignification process.

Bamboo Plant Lives For Many Years

Research indicates that the best bloom season to harvest the plant is during the dry season. A mature bamboo plant should be at least four years. During this time, the plant tries to conserve its starch sources in readiness for the next shooting season. Its maturity for harvest is characterized by small white specks on the bamboo stem.

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Bamboo Plant

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