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The Stunning Baneberry

Baneberry is a relatively large species of flowering plant, which are native to North America, including the Midwestern and Eastern regions of the United States, as well as Eastern Canada. Like the name implies, this flowering plant grows from 1½ to 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide and its white and black berries closely resemble the appearance of eyes. This plant is also known by a variety of alternate names, including necklace weed and white cohosh. Its berries, which ripen in summer, contain cardiogenic toxins that are harmless to birds, but both plant and berries are poisonous to humans if consumed.

The Beauty Of Baneberry

This plant is of the genus Actaea and of the family Ranunculaceae. It prefers clay-like soil and is typically found in deciduous, wooded areas. They are an herbaceous perennial, with compound, toothed, bipinnate leaves which grow to lengths of up to 16 in long and up to 12 cm in width. Its stems are thick and reddish in color, with white flowers atop them, which bloom into a dense raceme in spring time and grow to about 10 cm in length.

Growing Baneberry

Baneberry is easy to grow and is typically cultivated for use in both wildflower and more traditional gardens as an ornamental flowering plant. To cultivate this plant yourself, be sure to plant it in rich, loamy soil, providing water regularly with adequate drainage consistent with its natural environment. They require full shade and are best cultivated in USDA plant zones. If you wish to grow them from seeds, you should wait until late autumn if planting outdoors or in late winter if planting indoors. It requires minimal care once the plant is established. You may also be able to find this species of plant available for sale in garden centers that are experts in native plants or wildflowers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sally Ford
Black Cohosh

I never had a hard time taking care of this plant. It grows well in my yard without experiencing any signs of dryness and too much moisture.

Thank you so much for your feedback, Sally! It makes our day hearing about how much our customers love our plants and the great service they have received from our team. We have passed on your review to our team and look forward to you purchasing from us again.

Orby Woods
Baneberry Plant

This has shown so much achievement in my garden pond. I so love as it change along with the season.

Thanks for the 4-star review, Orby. You made our day! We look forward to making your day again real soon.

Emily HobbS

This perennial was a very cheap and efficient way to grow a lot of plants in one area.

Thank you for the awesome review, Emily! Your kind words are really appreciated. We are looking forward to making your day once more when you shop with us again.

Valerie Petterson
The Baneberry Plant has beautiful stems that come in a wide range of different heights. I loved t...

I will most definitely be buying more.

We spotted your 5-star review. Wow! Thank you so much for trusting us, and we can’t wait to help you again in the future.

Bryce Tepro

I love having this around my house. Helps with sickness

Hearing how much you love our plant has brightened up our day! Thank you for the great review you left us, Bryce, and for choosing to shop with us!