Bearded Iris

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Bearded Iris
Bearded Iris
Bearded Iris
Bearded Iris
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Bearded Iris

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Bearded Iris - Iris Croatica

There is something majestic and magical about the Bearded Iris. The only color that cannot be found in this beautiful flower is bright red. The bulbs are easy to plant, and they can spread rather quickly. These perennials are hardy in US Zones 3-9, needing a freeze to go dormant.

Bearded Iris needs to be planted in late summer or early fall

The Iris is like a sunny spot with at least six hours of full sun to help to keep the rhizomes dry. They grow best in neutral soil and only need granular fertilizer twice a year. The best times to feed them are in the early spring and after they bloom. It's best to plant them about 16-18 inches apart for good air circulation.

Bearded Iris does not need mulching because constant moisture will rot the rhizomes

To preserve the plant's energy, remove the seed pod that forms after they have bloomed. To ensure a healthier plant, prune back the foliage in the fall.

Dividing the bearded Iris should be done in late summer. Rhizomes, their root structure, can die off as new ones form to cause crowding and slow the blooms from forming. Dividing them will give the plants new ground for growth.

To divide the plants:

  1. Use a garden spade or fork, carefully lifting them out of the soil to avoid damaging the rhizomes.
  2. Slowly pull the plants apart using your hands while examining them for dead or damaged rhizomes.
  3. Use a knife to separate baby rhizomes from the parent, ensuring the knife has been sanitized with ten percent bleach water between cuts.
  4. Discard any damaged or diseased plant parts.
  5. Replant, fanning the roots, and leaving a portion of the rhizome exposed.
  6. Space the plants about 12 to 18 inches apart, clipping the tops down to 4-6 inches.

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