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Beech Tree

Beech Tree

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The Beech tree is named for more than patriotic regions. Also referred to as the North American type, this particular species is native to America with most of the growing locations found in the eastern area of the United States along with some on the very southeastern portion of Canada.

The range of growth goes as far west as Wisconsin and south all the way down to Florida. There is even a variation in Mexico that is considered related by some to the tree. A few varieties of this particular tree are recognized though considered less distinct in the differences.

The Beech Tree Can Get Huge

It is a deciduous tree that has a growth potential ranging from 66 to 115 feet. One of the more distinctive feature characterized by this particular tree is that of their branches and winter twigs, which can be long, thin and paired in their growth towards the sky. The bark is a little scale-like and in particular the buds have overlapping rows of scales. One of the easy to distinguish characteristics is the bud that often has been referred to as resembling a cigar, making it easier to determine among other trees.

The Beech Tree Can Thrive In Shade

It is also a more shade-tolerant tree compared to many others and is commonly found in forests due to its nature. They favor a combination of well-watered but also a good drainage system for growth with more requirements for moisture and rich soils than other options. Aside from appearance, the tree also has a common food item for certain wildlife known as the beech nut.

The Beech Tree Has A Wide Canopy

The Beech tree holds a strong place with a wide canopy, varying fall colors, and multiple uses ranging from yards and nature to those found lining golf courses. Not a fast grower, it's a tree for generations, one that is planted now to be enjoyed long term, for centuries to come.