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Blood Root

Blood Root

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The Extraordinary Bloodroot

Bloodroot, specifically Sanguinaria canadensis, is a paradoxical little flower. It is also called redroot, bloodwort, red puccoon, Indian red paint, sang-dragon, snakebite, and a dozen other based on minute variations of region. It is found in eastern North America, and is the only species in its genus. Its closest relative? Snow poppies, found only in China. The species appears with a wide variety of different shapes in both its leaves and its white, yellow-centered flowers, but its juice is always bright scarlet, hence its name.
Despite its uncanny similarity to blood, this juice contains the toxin sanguinarine--named after blood itself--which kills cells and destroys tissue.
Yet it's this same property that means sanguinaria is being investigated as a cancer treatment. Investigations are inconclusive so far, but it's been used in alternative medicine for a long history. The red juice means it can be used as a paint or dye, and even today it's actually a commercially used food additive.

Bloodroot's Seeds

This plant is also prized in certain capacities by gardeners. Double-flowered mutations are especially showy, and last longer than the few days normal for sanguinaria flowers. They're considered nice shade plants, which bloom in spring and look at home in woodland-like gardens and landscapes. Though their bloom time is short, the plants are fairly easy to collect seeds from, making them fun and easy to propagate, and they'll flower for years with little care. It needs to be handled carefully in the garden, however, due to the properties of the juice of its leaves and roots.

Bloodroot Uses

Bloodroot is surprisingly renowned as an experimental homeopathic cancer treatment, despite very little studying having been applied to its efficacy. It's most commonly associated with treating skin tumors, harkening back to its history of being used to treat skin conditions. When it comes to treating serious conditions, however, this plant is likely best left off the table in favor of proven remedies. As an odd treatment for moles and skin tags, though, it seems unlikely to vacate the pages of herbalists' books any time soon.

Customer Reviews

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Toney Rountree
Blood root

Quality delivered quickly. 1st rate plants. Exceeded exspectations!

Marguerite E LaCroix
Healthy plants.

The bloodroot looked very healthy when they arrived. Looking forward to seeing how they grow this year.

Roots arrived and look healthy

Ordered 100 Bloodroot for a woodland site installation. Was uncertain what to expect but box arrived just as scheduled. Tracking details were sent.

Admittedly, the box was smaller than anticipated, but roots enclosed look healthy and viable. Have yet to plant, but as per shipper instructions, roots are stored in veg drawer of refrigerator to maintain dormancy till weather breaks to allow planting.

Thanks for the 5 stars! Your review is a great way to let us know we’re on track for making our customers smile! We appreciate you taking the time to give your feedback and look forward to serving you again in the future.

Clyde Odom
Blood Root bareroot

Plants arrived in good shape.

Thank you for the awesome review about our plants, Clyde. We are so pleased to hear it is working just as it should and that you are enjoying it so much!

Lily Fowler

These plants look amazing around my garden. They blend in for the perfect backdrop.

Hi Lily, Your kind words about our plants are really appreciated. We love making our customer’s days and we cannot wait to have the opportunity to make you smile again! Thank you for choosing us!