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Blue Vervain

Blue Vervain

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The Blue Vervain Plant

Blue Vervain, also known as Verbena hastata, is a flowering plant from the family Verbenaceae. This particular plant can grow wildly all across North America, but does acclimate better to colder temperatures and doesn't do as well in areas that have a significant amount of days above the 86 degree mark. For example, it's most suitable for and grows best in full sunlight near moist grassy meadows close to water sources like rivers and streams. You can also find them along roadside ditches that are wet as well. It's notable for and easy to identify the branch-like shoots tipped with bluish-purple leaves that are cropped short on the tips of the plant. The flowers peak and hit full bloom between the months of July and September.

Blue Vervain Plant Uses

Aesthetically, it makes a great addition in gardens, particularly rain gardens and butterfly gardens. The flower actually attracts pollinators like the bumblebee and hummingbirds. Hummingbirds will eat the seeds. They are a source of food and are highly nutritious for them.

Blue Vervain Plant Is Stunning

As useful as it is in bringing a small ecosystem to a garden, the benefits of it being used as an herb are also great. Wildlife flock to this stunning plant. They are long bloomers and they do well in dry climates.