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Elm Tree

Elm Tree

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American Elm 

 The American elm tree (Latin name: Ulmus americana) is a tall, deciduous, and long-lived shade tree with bright green leaves and a beautifully shaped crown. It has large, oval leaves that feel leathery when you touch them. When it matures, it takes on a vase shape, narrow at the trunk and with branches that fan out wide. It will thrive in the full sun to partial shade ins USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 9.

This tree is a native species to North America, stretching from Ontario, Canada, to north Florida. It can tolerate cold and hot temperatures and dry or moist soil--as long as the roots do not remain wet indefinitely.

You might better recognize this tree by its alternate common names:

  • Common Elm
  • Gray Elm
  • Soft Elm
  • Water Elm
  • White Elm

They require little care.

Select a sunny or partial sun location and ensure it has plenty of room to grow. Add organic compost, earthworm castings, or shredded leaves to the soil when you plant. Water it about one inch weekly for several months to encourage root development.

After the first few weeks, all you must do to care for this tree is water it during extended heat or dry spells.

They can be used without training, pruning, or other assistance as it matures to their full sixty-foot height. It is a beautiful specimen tree in your yard or can be the central tree for a shade garden.

The American Elm Tree Fights Soil Compaction

They can be a natural remedy to the problem if you have heavy, compacted soil. It has vigorous roots that will push up the soil as they grow, loosening it from underneath.

The looser soil means the tree will naturally absorb rainfall and nutrients from its fallen leaves, making it virtually carefree.

Order the American Elm Tree From Wholesale Nursery

The American elm tree is long-lived, with a medium height, and will provide ample shade for your yard once mature. Please place your order with Wholesale Nursery today.

Customer Reviews

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Ladene Koehn
I ordered 2 American Elm trees.

I was very happy with the ordering and delivery of the trees. I gave them to my son and his wife. They have planted them. I guess we have to wait and see now!

We really appreciate you taking the time to leave us your 5-star review, Ladene! It means a lot to the whole team, and we’d love to have you back very soon.

Cindy Leads
Nice plants

I love my plants I received from Tn Nursery thank you very much .

Thanks for the 5-star review, Cindy. You made our day! We look forward to making your day again real soon.