English Ivy


English Ivy Plant

Helix Hedera is a lush, green, classic vine. It adds tremendous color to the garden and can creep along the ground or train to climb an arbor, trellis, or pergola. Its uses are almost limitless! It will flourish in a mix of sun and shade in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 to 8.

English Ivy is a bit of a misnomer. In fact, the United Kingdom should not claim this species as its own. It originated in England, western Asia, and most of the European continent. It came to the United States during early settlement by Brits, earning this somewhat misleading common name. Today, it has long adjusted to American life.

The English Ivy Plant Is a Beautiful, Rich Green Ground Cover

English Ivy is the plant most Americans think of when they hear of ivy. This plant has a low, creeping habit and helps fill in around shady home foundations, trees, shade gardens, or other partially shady conditions.

While partial shade is optimal, English Ivy is an agreeable plant that will adjust to full shade, growing a bit more slowly. It can also adapt to the full sun, but you will need to monitor its water needs.

This species is hardy, deer-resistant, rabbit-resistant, drought-resistant, and disease-resistant.

The leaves are beautiful– glossy, dark green foliage on slightly "hairy" stems for your enjoyment. The leafy foliage will spread and thicken, eventually producing tiny pale creamy yellow flowers that look like miniature umbrellas. Later in the season, it bears teeny dark blue berries. The fruit is unfit for humans, but your backyard birds will enjoy them.

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You might add English ivy to your garden as a ground cover plant or to adorn an arbor or fence. Either way, the lovely green vine will start its spreading habit without much encouragement from you. Order today--we will ship healthy bare-root plants straight to your door.